Dead Island First Gameplay

This demo gameplay was released almost 2 days ago, and it seems not many people know about it. Or maybe it isn't as much of a popular game as i had thought, but either way the trailer is up on gametrailers. In my opinion i loved the memento style trailer, and preferred the backwards version, but thats my opinion. From looks of the gameplay, the graphics look very detailed, and the whole environments seem dusty and destroyed. The gameplay seemed very reminiscent of call of duty's zombie mode, with the points adding up for the different ways in which you can kill zombies, i suppose a better example would be dead rising. I also thought that in many parts it seemed like left for dead, especially when the icon for picking up weapons is almost exactly the same as left for dead's. 

Overall i thought it was great, and cant understand why it isn't shown much on YouTube searches. The link can be found just below, and it wouldn't embed, but i think that's a gametrailers problem, the video was on YouTube but not in very good quality. On gametrailers own site you can watch in HD. But then again maybe not many gamers care as much for this game as i do, anyway leave some comments on the video please and yeah, have a nice day :D

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Another zombie game? I would rather play L4D2, but thanks anyway Deep Silver.

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