All The Content Diksickle and RvBfreak Have Produced Over The Past 5 Months Of Working Together


June 3rd - RvB 

Duke Nukem Forever Demo: First Impressions

June 5th - Diksickle 

Severed DLC - Zealot Difficulty Walkthrough - Dead Space 2

June 11- RvB 

Let's Play with RvBFreak and Diksickle - Duke Nukem Forever - (Unfinished)

June 12 - Diksickle 

Infamous 2 Demo - First Impressions 

June 21 - RvB 

Fear 3 - Insane Difficulty Walkthrough 

June 25 - Diksickle 

Duke Nukem Forever - Damn I'm Good (Insane) Walkthrough - Gunslinger Achievement - With All Ego & Collectibles 

July 2 - Diksickle 

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception - Beta - First Impressions

July 27 - RvB 

Gears of War - PC Bonus Chapters Walkthrough (Insane) - (No Commentary)

August 27 - Diksickle 

Resistance 3 - Multiplayer Beta & Single Player Demo - First Impressions

September 5 - RvB 

Dead Island - Main Storyline Walkthrough - (Unfinished) 

September 7 - Diksickle 

Driver : San Francisco - Single Player & Multiplayer Demo - First Impressions

September 29 - Diksickle 

Battlefield 3 Beta - First Impressions

October 4 - RvB 

RAGE - Nightmare Difficulty Walkthrough

Youtube Banner Design Contest 



Upcoming Guides 



  • Full Walkthrough
  • Main Quest 
  • Side Missions 


Batman: Arkham City -

  • Hard Walkthrough 

  • New Game + Walkthrough 

  • Side Missions Walkthrough

  • Riddler Trophy Locations 

  • Challenges Walkthrough


Uncharted 3 : Drakes Deception

  • Crushing Difficulty Walkthrough

  • Treasure Locations 




explicit_baron's picture

Quite a long list.

FratasticVoyage's picture

Yo, if I could cum souls, then I'd be soul blasting all over this page. keep up the good work

MyNameIsRobby's picture

I feel like RvB's banner was far superior...

Dan Broadbent's picture

Nice work guys, you going to dual com Skyrim?

brodyitis's picture

Nice to see we will get plenty of guides for Skyrim.

Josh Kowbel's picture

It is great to see some dedicated contributors. Maybe this is the start of something grandiose. You two will likely reap the rewards when WGG becomes a multi-million dollar website. (I only jest of course, but that would be fucking awesome.) Now if only more people would make good guides for the site...

I think I may follow suit on this blog post. Perhaps I'll create a blog with a list of every game I reviewed this year, but I will have to wait until finals blow over and the gaming madness calms down.

explicit_baron's picture

The day I decide to make guides WGG will overtake IGN ;)

Milleniummaster18's picture

Great job you guys have done so far (though those dropped projects... shit happens, I guess), my salutations and respect, Mr. RedversusBlueFreak and Mr. Penissickle. 

Solifluktion's picture

How did RvB's Banner not win?

FratasticVoyage's picture

@Boss Kowbel: this IS something grandiose. As WGGer's, we gotta embrace the fact that something awesome is already happening. The future is NOW.

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