Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut PC Review

About two years ago, a bad ass game by the name “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” was released. Now, a “fixed” version is out. The first game got pretty much badass reviews all over the place. The rather few reviews I find of this game, is about the same. 9/10’s all over. That should make it basically perfect, something it is not.

Many people are bitching about that it costs money, while it’s not all that much different. Let’s just say you could’ve spent those 5-ish dollars (assuming you own main game+DLC) far worse than by buying the Director’s Cut.

Overall, it’s a lot the same. Main difference it that the color-filter is gone, making it look somewhat better. And the A.I. is improved, you notice this already on the prologue, at least if you’re going sneaky. With bosses, the fight itself can be the same, but there are possibilities for taking out the boss other ways if you explore some.

The game still have some of the problems the original had (original being not Director’s Cut), such as you having all augmentations you need halfway through the game, and 5-10 unused praxis. One thing you keep upgrading until the end, is your weapon. You can have it fully upgraded by the end of the game, but sadly only augmentations carry with you in new game +. I sent the developer a mail bitching about this, but no reply so far. This gives you (at least me) very little motivation to play through the game a second time.

People used to say the boss fights are hard. Now it seems possible to easily take them all out in under 20 seconds, simply by spamming claymores at them.

Another change is that what used to be a DLC is now a part of the base game. For some this might be great, however, as it used to be a separate DLC, it’s a bit tricky. You lose all your shit in the start of it. This could mean several things. You could pick up your stuff during the DLC. You could get it all back in the end of it. You do not know. I can tell you all your stuff is waiting for you in the end of it. You keep any items you pick up during the DLC. You keep all praxis. What sucks a little, is that you can’t skip the DLC. Because of how different the level design is, mainly. However you can easily complete it in 2-3 hours, at least if you take out enemies (there is some going back and forth). And you get supplies so you’re ready for Singapore.

I have not yet completed Director’s Cut, but I’ve played the previous for about 37 hours, and considering that this doesn’t have all that many changes (I’ll probably beat them with the same claymore-spam I’ve taken all others with so far), I publish this review.

7/10 to match others scores (using /10 scale).
It’s a great game. But it’s far from perfect. More augmentations would improve it greatly. Maybe more inventory space (but that would be done with augmentations..).

There's few pictures, as almost all I find are with tablet-stuff in them, which could be misleading, as this is a review of the PC version.

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I am aware that this review will not win any "review of the year" awards anytime soon.

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