Dead Space 3 Hardcore Difficulty Death (Drink Along Highlight)

I died from INVISIBLE fire. How appropriate.
From our Drink Along livestream last night. 


I think I am going to start cutting more highlight clips from our full Drink Along videos.

Whiplash's picture

EA at its finest.

SuperRedRonin's picture

From a viewing perspective, this cheap hardcore mode death was much better than the Darksiders one. Both were bullshit though.

MadRazz's picture

Take a finish-your-drink for John getting f*cked by a major bullshit glitch on hardcore...again. What's up with that? Next time, don't say in advance you're going to die. Now I'm curious whether this will happen to me too.

VonMelee's picture

I took a heavy drink as well as a long bout of cursing for that bullshit. What a crap way to have to end the stream. I feel you John.

dalton32389's picture

to avoid stress, i never play above normal difficulty in every game.

ExplicitDQ's picture

Its always the fire it burns so deep, co-op drink along anyone?

Cheeseisbestyes's picture

A compilation of bullshit deaths and John freaking out would be hilarious.   Actually, a compilation of bullshit things in any game where John is generally pissed/upset would be funny.  

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