Dead Space 3 Drink Along Part 1 (Day 15)

The beginning of our Drink Along for Dead Space 3 on the PC.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we turn a videogame into a drinking game. Find all of our Drink Along videos here on or our Drink Along playlist on YouTube.

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Awesome i'm watchin this in the tub 

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Hopefully you guys get a good amount of views for this because this video has been more helpful than any review I have read or watched on this game so far.

And don't ever second guess on doing an FTL drink along ever because they are great!!!

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I think there was an achievement in Shadow Complex for clearing the game with less than 10% completion, but no 0% rewards that I know of.

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brad shoemaker said that when you reload you lose the ammo left in the clip. so to conserve ammo dont reload until it you empty the clip.

Sylar112's picture

is it true that if you Reload when a you still have bullets in the clip that it gets rid of that clip. So maybe you should not reload after every gunshot ?

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Sorry dalton32389 I did not see your message before I Posted about the same thing . 

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@4:40 When you choose your difficulty in the menus it shows how much ammo and health you will get. (Health by the health bar to the left and ammo by little white lines below to the right) For those who need a reference it's already in the game. 

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Oh and the Ration Seals are the in game currency to buy some in game items like in mass effect 3 multiplayer. You can buy items with real money or spend time getting the in game currency and buy it that way. Because it seems EA / ORIGIN secretly just want to make phone games or free to play games.

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The whole idea of the DLC or micro transactions seems a little overblown for a good game as Dead Space 3, the sarcastic bot is funny idea but it's annoying as hell! N7 armor is good enough for me. Keep up the hilarious Drink - Alongs; it's a cool idea of the different play styles and progress of either John and Dan doing a Deadening extrazangliza!!

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So u guys arent gay? Thats news lol

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They do spoon sometimes and hold hands on long walks, but I wouldn't say that makes them fags.

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I don't know, I enjoy the roosterteeth videos.  At times their enthusiasm does get grating, but their let's plays are usually really enjoyable, and they do a decent job showing the easiest ways to get achievements.

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Always nice to hear some Roosterteeth basing. I've only seen one video by them, but their stupid "Morning Zoo Radio" voices bugged the shit out of me.

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