Dead Rising 3 - PP Farming, 1 Level Every Minute

Level up insanely fast in Dead Rising 3! Using this Dead Rising 3 PP farming strategy, you can go up one level every minute.

1) Craft multiple Ultimate Grim Reapers
2) Get the Thrifty Trader book for a PP Bonus
3) Level up the Melee Ability to the third stage for increased melee weapon durability, and put as many points as possible into the Smarts Ability for additional PP Bonuses
4) Get a 100+ kill combos with the Ultimate Grim Reaper

Dead Rising 3 - Grim Reaper Blueprint Locations 0:15
Dead Rising 3 - Thrifty Trader PP Bonus Book Location 0:42
PP Farming Route 1:32

Level 33 to Level 36 in 3 Minutes (1:35 - 4:45)
Level 7 to Level 9 in 14 seconds (1:16 - 1:30)

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