Darksiders 2 Giveaway Darksiders: The Abomination Vault and Darksiders 2 Guide Plans

We're giving away the Darksiders: The Abomination Vault book. Just comment on YouTube or WikiGameGuides.com to be entered.

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I do really like that there is books based upon games, it gives us a little more backstory and depth to characters and places of the game.

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This here is my comment to enter :D

But seriously, i saw the 1:30 cut scenes and it is waspretty awesome, i loved how the other three horseman came even though we didn't see their faces (i want to see how famine and pestilence look like)

Anyway i am looking forward to the darksiders 2 walk thru i hope you don't have any nightmares HAHAHA!

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I work at a local used gaming store and up until a couple days ago i hadn't heard anything about this games story line. Now i'm actually super excited to try them out. Looks pretty sweet.

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Bioshock had a baby version of the Nightmare difficulty, you turn off vitachambers and you go back to the start screen.  The loop hole to that is just save like every second.  Plus Bioshock was like super easy so that kind of difficulty sounds intense! I'm stoked to try it.

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I'm psyched for Dan and John returning to guides.  The drink alongs are great and all, but I love the cleanliness and direct attitude of the guides you make.

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I'm psyched for Dan and John returning to guides.  The drink alongs are great and all, but I love the cleanliness and direct attitude of the guides you make.

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It is surprising how good some videogame books are.  You'd think that they would just be a rushed product to steal money from fanboys, and while some of them are, some of them are actually well written and add a good amount to the backstory.  I just read the Bioshock book, which was awesome and it did a great job of showing us the origins of Rapture.

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I've also read that book, was a fantastic read. The story line about the more intricate characters like Sander Cohen and Dr Steinmen, although short, was really creepy and interesting. Definite reccomendation from me.

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This game looks awesome!, I can't wait to play it. I loved the first one like crazy and the lore was deferentially my favorite part about the game it's just so rich and interesting.

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Just bought the game yesterday, been having fun with it. It is definitely better than the first. Don't know if I'll be doing the Nightmare difficulty though. I might give it a shot. And John, is there a New Game+ mode? This game would REALLY benefit from a New Game+ option.

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This game is definitely one of the games I want to play. I'm excited to hear that the challenge ramps up on Nightmare, though one life sounds intense. Watched all the cut scenes (or most of it) yesterday thanks to your "previously on Darksiders" video, and I have to say I'm psyched to watch/play/and or read about the story online (whatever comes first.) 

Good luck on Nightmare. You might need it.

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Got this game yesterday, and I loved the little bit that I'd played. It sucks that I have to work on my college projects instead of playing this game. Just can't wait for the break to play it fully.

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I just finished the game today and i just loved it. Really improved a lot from Darksiders1 which is exactly what a sequel should do. My only problem was the story was a bit meh and not as interesting as War's tale in 1. But overall i really liked it and can't wait for you to do a guide for it, John. Also are you going to do a guide on the Crucible part of the game? It would be interesting to see someone do that so you can prepare ahead of time, knowing what is coming in the next round. Anyway, good luck on the guide!

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Damn, you already finished the game? Must not have done any side quests...

I should have just bought the game yesterday instead of preordering it last week...sucks to be reading these comments about how its improved and not be able to play it. :P

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The Darksiders 2 guide sounds like it's going to be interesting and might take a while to finish.

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here is my comment. thanks for the opportunity

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here is my comment for the book.

but would like to thank you guys for all the enjoyment u have brought through your podcasts and guides. started watching when you guys did bioshock walkthrough and been hooked ever since, and john has got me to play tons of games like league and dark souls because of this site. anyway keep up the good work and the funny banter and in the words of dark souls prepare to die john :P 

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I think you should give things like this away in some kind of game tournament.  I know it sounds strange but most new things do but I think it will catch on some day

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I am stoked to finally see some guide content from you guys.  It's been a while but I hope it'll be worth the wait. Here's to another successful walkthrough that will help pay the bills during the lull of summer. 

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Looks like an interesting book! I really enjoy the Darksiders story so being able to get a better back story seems like a great way to enhance your experience of the game.

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I can't wait to play through the game with the help of your guides.

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Jeez, have they really not made a guide since Dark Souls? Oh well, excited to see John die on nightmare during a livestream.

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Can't wait to play this game. Unfortunately, it comes out on the 21st (a full week later) here in the UK.

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Hmm, I found it interesting how, in the Darksiders' universe, the other two Horsemen(women) are not called Famine and Pestilence. I believe they are called Fury and......Corruption? Or Conquest.

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The other two horsemen are named Fury and Strife. Fury is the only female in the group. As for the book I really enjoyed what I've read so far.

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