Dark Souls II or Titanfall? (Rando.vlog)

Dark Souls II and Titanfall both release tomorrow, March 11th. If you could only choose to play one, which would it be and why?

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You said it yourself. Titanfall may be new and different but shooters are a dime a dozen.

Dark Souls is a complete and in depth RPG, it requires skill and patience and several broken controllers to complete. Excellent games of it's type don't come nearly as often as good/great shooters and they're usually good enough that they can be picked up again years later.

Looking forward to your guide.

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i think Titanfalls hype will died out pretty quickly and since the Campaign is Multiplayer anyway there's no real need for a walkthrough either. . .

doesn't matter anyway. . . .saw the Dark Souls 2 videos :P

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I would choose Dark Souls II. Multiplayer shooters like CoD, BF and Titanfall are fun, but also come with a lot of frustration. For me every fun moment has at least one frustrating moment tied to it. Single player games generally don't have this problem, so my pick would be Dark Souls.

I have not played Dark Souls 1 yet, but I'm definetly going to buy both 1 and 2 at some point.

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I would for sure choose Dark Souls II, because despite the likelihood that the game will be frustratingly challenging, it will likely be a fun challenge. If it's anything like Dark Souls, the challenge will be rewarding. I've run a bit dry on finding fun in shooters anymore, even though Titanfall looks fresh.

That being said, I'll probably eventually invest in both.

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