inFAMOUS 2 Live Stream 06/09/2011

Come join us for our inFAMOUS 2 Live Stream at 1PM MST on Thursday June 9, 2011.

We've partnered with VISO Gamer to use their YouTube Channel Live Stream.

harouki's picture

lol damn it. Scared me for a second there. I couldn't tell when was "tomorrow" for you guys and i thought i missed the start by 2 hours.

Lazy's picture

Too bad I can't watch these. 7 Hour time difference with Holland.

Josh Kowbel's picture

Hell yeah! My copy of Infamous 2 should be here tomorrow, so I'll probably be playing while watching the stream.

pfro's picture

I would love to watch this, but unlike most of you xbots, I actually will play this and I don't want it spoiled. I guess I will just have to listen in small increments. This sounds like good business, good job.

Dogbond's picture

Bummer I would love to watch this live, but thanks to time difference it will start at 8am on Fri 10 (if I got it right) here (New Zealand), and I'll be at work most of the day :(

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

I'll be tuning in. Looks like it will be today at 3PM for me (EST).

MrPERRINOID's picture

Is the stream saved with VISO Gamer cause I can't find it anywhere.

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