YouTube Banner Design Contest Winner


Here is his winning submission:


Thanks to everyone who submitted, the entries we received were much better than I was expecting.

Pulse Cloud's picture

I like it a lot, even though it doesn't follow WGG's color scheme - but it seems Dan and John don't really care about that. ;)

Congratulations to UberExplodey!

bip267's picture

Congratz, and awesome design.

Diksickle's picture

I kinda feel disappointed that i didn't get it, but i do like the chosen design.

4rch3n3my's picture

cool design. congrats, man!

groposo's picture

Very cool design. I like the splash of orange behind the logo to brake the white and blue of the rest of the banner. Congratulations to the winner, very nice job.

Josh Kowbel's picture

Very good looking banner. Good work UberExplodey.

crimson's picture

I am glad UberExplodey! won. I really liked how he amalgamated WGG's logo with IGN's. He also made some good revisions since the update.

Charlie Walker's picture

Good design.

MarioDragon's picture

I do not like the splatter background but the rest is good

insane_psycho_killer's picture

Great design. Congratulations on winning!!!

Milleniummaster18's picture

Congrats on that win. I like the color palette, though the blue in the buttons contrasts too much with the gray in the background IMO..

conboydude's picture

Wow congrats to you use the money well!!!!

TheGrinchWhoStoleYou's picture

speaking of design... the folks at kotaku done jacked the wgg controller in this article

ihacks4snax's picture

awesome design. when can we expect that to be used?

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