YouTube Banner Design Contest UPDATE

We're changing the prize to $100 because we don't want to discourage those who already have L.A. Noire or have a PS3, and we're very happy with the quality of submissions so far.

There's still a week to go on the contest and we've already had some great submissions.  Here are the top 3 submissions so far with feedback.  We're really happy with all the submissions so far, but these are the front runners so keep that in mind if you plan on submitting.

Submission #1 by Pulse Cloud:


- Great font
- Clean look
- Don't like the separate background color for logos

Submission #2 by Rafael T:


- Nice Layout
- Like the box art
- Don't like the font

Submission #3 by UberExplodey:


- Awesome logo design
- Too boxy
- Game images are too big

Jevrio's picture

Should it blend in with the grey bgcolor on your YouTube channel? I got inspired now. I'll probably make some shit like always, or forget it and don't make anything at all tho.

pfro's picture

I like the first one

dalton32389's picture

hoping for #3

explicit_baron's picture

Submission 2 is the best the font should be changed to same font as the WGG logo, other than though its great.

ZestfulClown's picture

Explicit_baron has the only correct answer here.

MrDudeMan's picture

Personally I like number 3, I feel like grey is just a boring colour in general. Blue and orange seem to work much better (proof: movie posters).

Josh Kowbel's picture

I've got to say I really like #3. I enjoy the meshing of the logo design and game icons with the orange background, but the text needs to be slightly bigger. If not 3, then I would choose #1. Sometimes a simple design is the best design. The font is uncomplicated and the basic gray background doesn't assault the eyes with a plethora of color.

The font for #2 just kills it for me though. Change the font to something less bold and make the game icons a little larger and then I think you'll have a contender for the $100 prize.

jebus914's picture

I like #3 because it has some color to it.

SevSeth's picture

#3.  Just my opinion:  rounding out the edges of boxes might make it nicer.

Lazy's picture

I like #1 best, but #3 is more unique.

groposo's picture

#3. It has some color in it, which makes it fun to look at.

Solifluktion's picture

I have to agree with Explicit_Baron.

Change the Font and #2 is wins.

Charlie Walker's picture

Pick number 3 and alter the blue boxes 

MarioDragon's picture

I like the first, #3's background is too messy and #2 seems too crowded.

Punisher0587's picture

I'm liking #3.

Whiplash's picture

Coming from someone who actually works with Photoshop on a daily basis, I'd go with #2. If there were links to each individual text (like on Rooster Teeth's channel), it would work so well. It's very clean, and it doesn't have too much going on.


#1 looks way too simple (dare I say the individual took little time to work on it.)

#3 looks way too messy and the context looks very sloppy (I hate the orange in the background.)

Pulse Cloud's picture


I actually wrote a very extensive report on how childish and wrong you are, but I decided to delete it all to preserve my higher position as a well balanced and mature individual.

I'd like to ask you, though, if you would dare say John Tarr took little time to work on the Wiki Game Guides website because of how beautifully simple it is.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

#2: The Social buttons location is great, but font is awkward. The resistance 3 box art looks a little..not fitting.

#3 looks good, but it just doesn't flow nice.

#1: Possibly have a blue background on the social buttons tab or just make it all one color


And is it too late to turn my submission in? I just finished a minute ago

Semblance's picture


Now that's a banner for the champions. Unique, simple, and clean while getting the message across. 

Diksickle's picture


Haha wow RvB that must have took you forever haha, what did you draw with your penis.

Jokes aside though i like your opinions on the three submissions, i do think that each submission has a certain quality and brings something different to the table. But i also agree that although #3 may be bold and coloured nicely, the orange background doesn't fit well with the colour scheme for WGG. In my opinion #2 has the best idea with the setting out of selection of consoles, i like that idea and it looks simple and effective, only problem is it could use more colour, and a text change. But on the other hand the simplest ideas sometimes turn out to become the best, which is what i like about #1. This submission brings a simple design and also relates to the WGG colour palette, only thing i would add is to make the icons a little smaller and add in the console variations on the bottom or top even. But these are just my ideas and opinions, so to conclude this overly long comment i want to give this ago, hopefully i can still enter, it did say on the previous blog that it ends on August 8th, but i am going to give it a try. 

Whiplash's picture

@Pulse Cloud I was unaware that I was speaking with a sensitive nitwit who doesn't understand constructive criticism, and you don't have to be an ass to get my attention. My feedback is solely honest compared to most people, so it's not like I'm trying to sound like an ass when I'm critiquing. After all, I moderate on another forum, which so happens to be known as Sig-Labs (Signature Labs on Deviant Art), so I have a brain and an opinion to most things in life. I'm not some snot-nosed brat on 4Chan's Artwork/Critique sub forum trying to prove who's the biggest dick in the thread.

Pulse Cloud's picture

@Whiplash: Nice job proving my point. *thumbs up*

Goodies's picture

I prefer #1, I quite like the simplicity of it

MarioDragon's picture

Use rvbfreaks, that's the winner.

explicit_baron's picture

rvbfreak damn that's a good banner can I use it for my blog ;)

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