YouTube Banner Design Contest

We are holding a design contest for our YouTube channel banner.  Send your submissions to wikigameguides at gmail dot com or post in the comments below. The winner will receive a copy of L.A. Noire for the Xbox 360. All submissions must be received by Monday August 8, 2011. We will provide feedback for early submissions.

Banner Requirements:

  • See mockup.png for basic outline.
  • The logo for wgg should be on the left side of the banner and the ign logo can be moved around as needed.
  • The majority of the banner should be utilized for showing off the newest games. There should be room for 3-5 game logos as well as several links beneath.
  • The social networking icons may be shrunk and moved around as needed.
  • 150px height
  • 960px width


Humankillerx's picture

Im about 90% sure that the first link is broken.

Jevrio's picture


I think there was a space (%20) in the beginning of it. Voila.

John Tarr's picture

Thanks for pointing that out, fixed the link

Pulse Cloud's picture

Why should there be an IGN logo on the WGG banner? Are you affiliated in any way?

jreinKs's picture

What if the winner is a ps3 owner?

Humankillerx's picture

Then who the fuck cares? PS3 sucks.

Benjamin Weeks's picture

I agree with Human.

Naftul Zvi's picture

@human heard your completely irrelevant opinion matters to somebody asking a question about the subject of this post. 

Pavan's picture

Does have to have the 3 games on it or can you have like 1 or 2?

Humankillerx's picture

I like how no one has submitted their first draft because they are afraid it will, A) suck or B) they want to wait to steal other ideas.

XL_ARES_IX's picture

No, some of us just don't post the first thing that comes to our mind.

I_heart_Colt45's picture

Why does the IGN logo have to be on there?

John Tarr's picture

@Pavan yes it has to have 3+ game logos. We are going to link pages for new games on this site from the banner

@I_heart_Colt45 because of our contract with IGN, we have to include their logo and a link to their channel on our header banner

pfro's picture

I thought that IGN thing was kind of over

itsMEorME97's picture

Hey guy,

just wondering when you are going to get a new podcast on the pretty awesome site, am going on holiday soon and i need something to prevent me from dying of boredom on the journey so please could you get one on the site before saturday.


PigheadedBobobo's picture

do any of you follow anything to do with wgg? when they announced the partnership they said it would be affiliated with ign

Diksickle's picture

haha i would give it a go but am trying to get rid of my copy of L.A Noire, but then again i would like to try see if i can be creative, we will see

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