Work for WGG as a Video Game Specialist is looking for people who live and breath one game. We’re looking for someone who knows everything about one game, plays it all the time, and stays current in that game’s community.

What do we need from you? We would need you to maintain the game you specialize in’s section of WikiGameGuides. This includes making sure all information in the wiki is complete and up to date, making sure videos are relevant and helpful, and adding info about new patches and mods. We would also ask that you create video guides for the game. Depending on the game, this could be achievement videos, character info or builds, multi-player strategy, etc. (making videos is not required but encouraged)

We are looking to have this done for games that aren’t out yet. Here is a tentative list of titles that we will need Video Game Specialists for:

Diablo 3
The Old Republic
Next Blizzard MMO
Gears of War 3
Battlefield 3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

What are the benefits of being a Video Game Specialist? Specialists will get to control all content about their game on and have moderator privileges. Most importantly, this will be a test period to become an Official Video Game Specialist for WGG. Video Game Specialists who prove themselves will become Official Video Game Specialists and sub-contractors for WGG. This can include monetary compensation for time spent moderating their section of WGG and having their videos featured on the WGG YouTube channel and will take a share of the revenue.

If you’re interested in becoming a Video Game Specialist for any of the above games, send us an email with a short description of why you’re interested and why you’re qualified. Applicants who have worked with us previously will get priority.  Some games may have more than one specialist.

Send your email to wikigameguides at gmail dot com with Video Game Specialist in the subject line.

explicit_baron's picture

I'm curious will older games need specialists? I'm going to get Battlefield but, I know there are people on here that will play Battlefield 3 for hundreds of hours and will have much more knowledge than me so I'm out on that games. I still play Metal Gear Solid 4 something most people don't play anymore. I personally love the game and even like the multiplayer, I live and breath Metal Gear Solid.

Lazy's picture

This made me think of BigVEE/godmodegod. He knows his games REALLY well.

MetalInsurgent's picture

If they put mass effect 3 on that list, then i would be very interested in being a video game specialist for it.

Lightning's picture

Seems a tad vague, but I find myself tenatively interested in occupying such a position for MW3.  Also, there's an "e" in the word "breathe."  If you're ever looking to hire an editor, let me know.

Hazerdous2urhealth's picture

will you guys always be looking for new specialists, or is this the only time that we can "tryout" for the positions?

MrDudeMan's picture

I'd assume they would always be looking for new ones, as new games always come out. I can't imagine them needing a specialist after the game they specialize in dies down, that doesn't make any sense. But I think you should add SC2 to that list, with the expansions coming out.

Benjamin Weeks's picture

Well im going to be making a hell of a lot of videos for Dead Island and Skyrim so.

GTAComplete's picture

I'll gladly be a Video Game Specialist for when the next GTA is announced... if that offer is to be considered.

Josh Kowbel's picture

I'd be very interested in maintaining the Gears 3 wiki as I'm sure I'll sink days of my life into that game before year's end, but without any way to record actual gameplay right now, I'd be fairly useless.

LenZeppel1n's picture

I would love to do Assassin's Creed: Revelations, I'm gonna be playing it a ton anyways.

Reid Wildenhaus's picture

I have a chubby for Skyrim. Possibility? Maybe.

Dan Broadbent's picture

@explicit_baron this will be for new games only

@Lazy Yes his level of dedication would do very well in this position

@Hazerdous2urhealth yes if this system works out well we will continually look for more specialists

For the FPS titles, skill will definitely be required as you will be primarily focused on multiplayer.

Haters G0n Hate's picture

I would be very excited to participate in the Mass Effect 3 wiki. I know the ins and outs of the series very well, as I'm currently playing the second one for the 8th time.

explicit_baron's picture

I think you can count on me for Uncharted 3, seeing that is going to be a big game. Anyone else going to become a regular Uncharted 3 multiplayer player?

RPGeesus's picture

I'm going to say it: this is a really good idea. Well done, sirs.

I have one pretty important question, though. How vital will be contributing video guides? I would love to contribute to Batman: Arkham City and keep that page crisp and clean, but I know I don't have the time or the means to make any real guides apart from a "Tips and Tricks"-esque thing, and definitely no video content. If videos are the focus, then I'll defer to others who'd contribute better.

brodyitis's picture

I would love to work on BF3 (On PC), but I don't have capture software. What software do you guys use?

JoesShittyOs's picture

I wouldn't mind volunteering for the MW3 position/working with someone.  I've got over 7 days in each one of the CoD games and I am very much involved in the Youtube community that focuses on Call of Duty gameplay.

I'll have to consider this.  Very neat idea by the way guys.

Kcire's picture

I'm definitely going to be playing TOR, but my knowledge on SW lore is probably no different than any other average fan of the series.

Good luck on this endeavor sirs.

giddydrunk's picture

This idea needs some more thought, apart from patch notes and news, how will this be any different to the current work on here? Then giving people commision for what will most likey be copied and pasted , there's something wrong with that. For all the people who make great guides but don't care about maintaing a game page, losing out on a slice of that pie is extortion.

digitalshot's picture

Damn, guess my 2000 hours in Team Fortress 2 isn't going to be helpful

SoFuLL's picture

Dammit, Iknow everything about Football Manager but I guess nobody cares.....

Diksickle's picture

I would love to work on battlefield 3, i have a hauppauge and i will be making a guide for that game, including voiceovers from me and rvbfreak.

live2rock13's picture

I would do this in a heartbeat if a new Resident Evil (NOT any of the spin-offs, the ones with a number on them) would come out. That would make me a very happy 16 year old.

Mr. 2049's picture

Already submitted for Bioshock Infinite

Cooler's picture

I assume you want video guides with voiceovers?

Dan Broadbent's picture

I'll be reviewing email submissions with John when he's back from Chicago, so don't be alarmed if you don't get a reply until next week.

PKcghywgmgyd9d2's picture

can there be a specialist in one part of a game, like Reach firefight or Cod zombies?

Goldteddy's picture

Ohh BF 3 COD MW 3 and Gears 3.....i don't really understand why their on the list.

All the other games got long term life time while the last 3 might die once their sequel comes out :S

Also why is it only for games that's not out yet?

MrPERRINOID's picture

@Boss Kowbel I wouldn't mind sharing the specialist position with you.  I can make a bunch of walkthroughs for both the single player/coop story and a bunch of strategies for multiplayer, so you can maintain the wiki pages without having to make the videos. 

Dudeitsme411's picture

um ill go for the MW3 specialist i have a collective of 40+ days of call of duty online games and i have just under a 2.00 kd for just about every game (1.98 BLACK OPS | 1.78 MODERN WARFARE 2) Im 15 and have all the necessary equipment to make videos 

bestinthewest99's picture

I'm a halo reach specialist is that good

Pyro_Rick's picture

My only question is does your age matter? I'm 15 and if got the equipment needed to be a specialist I'd be interested in making stuff for (games not out) Gears 3 or Battlefield 3 *for xbox 360, sorry don't have a good enough PC* and some other games you guys might not know about that are coming out and look good. Also i'd like to do things for games that are already out if that's fine

zFEARLESSz's picture

I would do this for Starhawk but the way its turning out to be I wont.

TowliePark's picture

I would be interested in doing MW3 because I play a lot of Call of Duty but I definitely can't make videos

Os1res's picture


me too XD it looks fckin amazing im going to spend almost all my free time on that game

Henke911's picture

If i had time, and there were other games i would take the "job" imediently.
This is cool btw

Milleniummaster18's picture

I think this is a good idea. For starters, that is. It still needs some polishing.

I'm more of an old school gamer, since I don't have either a top-notch computer or a recent gen console, much less TV recording equipment, so I can't take advantage of this opportunity.

Glad to see that the site is growing, I'm fond of it.

Dudeitsme411's picture

@Milleniummaster18 i see were your coming from but older games wont bring as much people to the site compared to say, Call Of Duty would, most people want to see the new stuff to decide whether they should get them or not.

dizfam4's picture

What about fighting games? I find that this site lacks some of that. Well maybe because there are a lot of other sites that offer them but i am just asking. But keep in mind, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 coming this fall, Soul Caliber 5 announced, and various updates for Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat in the short future.

Dudeitsme411's picture

@dizfam4 yea your right fighting games are very big and have tons of tournaments for them, they should definitely consider having fighting games involved

Obviously_Buddha's picture

i would love to do some of the older games and from the list above skyrim since ive played every elder scrolls(except those mobile... ehm lets say i didnt liked them)

cod is my other point but only multiplayer

lets see what happens

oh but anyway nice idea

DonMoriarty's picture

Anything having to do with an RPG, such as Skyrim, Diablo 3, MMO, and so on, I am up for it, as I was thinking about making vids for Skyrim anyhow. Diablo is an amazing game by itself too. I can also do Battlefield 3 as I have been well-rounded in multiple shooter games. I think it's good you guys are doing this, it seems like it would be amazing to do!

NoobSauceG7's picture

If I didn't have school than I would love to do this... :(

Whiplash's picture

I would help out with the Battlefield 3 wiki, but I have college work, so I can't really help out with that. However, I can help out with making images for things like Youtube backgrounds, banners, logos, etc. Just give me a PM and I'll help you out with what you want.

Dudeitsme411's picture

have you checked any of the applications yet? just wondering cause you said a week

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