Driver: San Francisco Demo First Impressions

Single Player:


II RickyBFC II's picture

Just bought this today. The single player story is really fun and it has some great humor.

MrDudeMan's picture

That looked like a lot of fun man. Sort of reminded me of split second in the sense that it was silly but very entertaining. Hopefully its not as hard as split second eventually was.

whatscripplin's picture

is it Drink Along material?! Dan? John?

mustafa615's picture

The reason why the main character can "shift" into different cars is because the majority of the game takes place in a coma dream.

bourne34's picture

hilarious well done you two :D

ihacks4snax's picture

yeah I won a match and second had 99 points. there were some foul words coming out of my tv speakers


Also on single player I read that there are missions where you re-enact car scenes from movies. matrix 2 anyone? 

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