Dead Island First Impressions

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The most frustrating part of the gameplay was an AI issue like Dan experienced while he protected Nikolai. When I had to escort another NPC later in the game, he simply refused to not run into my molotovs. 

Still, I really liked Dead Island. Despite its technical flaws, it's a fun zombie game. I enjoyed it a lot more than Resistance 3 anyway.

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If into farming of flotsam and jetsam and weapon upgrading (Borderlands meets Fallout)and zombie dismemberment, you'll love this game. Mention during the first impressions of filler until Skyrim - not considering Rage guys? Love to see a Dead Island co-op drinkalong...maybe 3-way with r3b3l?!?

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I personally really enjoyed this game, I however didn't beat it. Because of a point Dan made in this, talking about his problems with just running through the crowds of zombies because he didn't want to deal with them. And I don't like the length of RPG  type games I think I should just stick to the basic shooters and third person adventures. all in all this game is visually stunning and detailed to the tip. But just not my type of game.

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I always thought Borderlands meets Left 4 Dead

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This is just another game that will have to wait until early next year. Looks good though, I'd get it if they did a sale on Steam.

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This seems more like FarCry 2 + Dead Rising, with the melee zombie killing and  wandering around, driving and the way missions are started and whatnot.

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This game seems pretty cool, might have to pick this up, and all I kept thinking about is borderlands

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I've had several people tell me how much fun this game is, but watching this video, it seems very similar to Dead Rising 2. If you find Dead Rising 2 to be tedious, do you think it's still possible to enjoy Dead Island?

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