Uncharted 3 First Impressions

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No aim assist? Man, you are the embodiment of a CoD baby Dan.

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I like the aiming/ shooting in this game, it requires much more skill than your average aim-assist game, and depicts the realism.  each to their own, though.  brilliant game hands down, finished it in little over 8 hours on normal, now playing on hard, then crushing.

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I think the weapon mechanics are the weakest part of the whole game. The aiming just feels too stiff, much to my chagrin while playing on Crushing... The more difficult enemies require precise targeting on the player's part, and the arena-like sections where Drake is swarmed with gun-toting mercenaries can be hair-pulling-out insane.

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Dan's being dumb, the shooting is fine. 

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If this is cutscene of the year then MGS4 was cutscene of the year 2008/

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I knew Dan would be crying about this game as it is not on the 360. Sounded like some jealous kid lol.

He clearly realized it was him being shit at the game whilst watching John play.

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While I didn't have any problems with the controls, there are apparently lots of people at the Naughty Dog forums complaining that the controls are stiff and have worse response time than in Uncharted 2 and asking to Naughty Dog to release a patch to fix it. This is still a GOTY contender, though. And Dan does sound like a very whiny kid lol

EDIT: Supposedly Naughty Dog is working on a patch for the controls.

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