Twisted Metal - All Cutscenes

Dr. Mantis Toboggan's picture

Are you going to do a walkthrough or a Drink Along for this game

Adam Page's picture

Calypso's acting is atrocious, make me even more excited to play the game

RGAE QIUT's picture

37 mins of cut scenes, i'll give this one a miss lol

TheMightyQuinn3000's picture

Holy shit that was nuts! Damn it, why don't I have a PS3!?

Fattness132's picture

What a strange, yet interesting series of cutscenes. Not gonna play the game, but it kept me interested for 40 minutes.

GLaDoS 96's picture

Those cutscenes were awesome, looks like a sequel is planned. Too bad David Jaffe is working on shitty phone games now.

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