The Simpsons Game Drink Along Part 5

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Tom Jackson is a reference to Jack Thompson, a disbarred former lawyer who fought to censor and drastically restrict access to videogames.  He once offered to donate $10,000 to a charity of Take-Two's CEO's choice if someone created a video game that matched the specifications in his open letter, "A Modest Video Game Proposal."

In short, the game was to feature the father of a boy who was murdered by other children after they had played too many violent videogames.  Players were to control the father as he went on a killing spree at E3, murdering a number of real-life game companies' CEOs.  Multiple games began development by amateur coders and average gamers, but when one of them was finally finished and released, Jack Thompson refused to honor his pledge to donate to charity, insisting that his open letter had been satire.

Aside from this notable incident, which the in-game billboard seems to be referencing, Jack Thompson tried relentlessly but largely unsuccessfully to directly link events such as the Columbine or Virginia Tech school shootings to violent videogames, making ludicrous demands of game companies, insisting that they recall products by arbitrary and absurd deadlines that he had neither the authority nor the means to enforce.

In February 2007, the Florida Bar finally began disbarrment proceedings against him as a result of multiple incidents of Thompson making "defamatory, false statements" in an attempt to "humiliate, embarrass, harass or intimidate" people.  The effort was successful, and in May of 2008, Thompson was disbarred. 

Ordinarially, Thompson would've been able to reapply for a legal license in five years, but by June of the same year, he had been punished for his continued misconduct and complete lack of remorse with "enhanced disbarrment," lengthening his waiting period from five years to ten.  But by July of that same year, 2008, he was permanently disbarred for "cumulative misconduct, a repeated pattern of behavior relentlessly forced upon numerous unconnected individuals, a total lack of remorse or even slight acknowledgment of inappropriate conduct, and continued behavior consistent with the previous public reprimand."

Thompson continues to harrass companies such as Valve and Facebook to this day.  Lastly, it should be noted that he is, unsurprisingly, a fundamentalist Christian.

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Nothing shows up when i enter the site. But after logging in this shows up to my Surprice which is a Pleasant one, Sadly i can't watch it right now.

Also Reading all that about Jack Thompson Lightning wrote, kinda makes me happy he's no longer a lawyer.

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This was the hardest session of the drink along for me to watch as John made what should have taken forty five minutes and turn it into hour and a half as he walked by the objective over and over even with Dan helping point him in the right direction.

Regarding the location of Springfield I always thought the Simpsons were from Springfield, Illinois not Springfield, Oregon.

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That "Planet Earth" game sounds terrible. Who wants to control characters that only play video games and drink themselves into a coma every night? Wait... Scratch that.

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The problem with Episode 1 that I had a revelation about as I was watching the 3D rerelease is that it's so gd slow.  The pod racing is great, the lightsaber battle would be great if they didn't cut from it so often.  It seems like half the movie the characters are sitting around and talking exposition and not really having great and memorable interactions (like episodes 4-6).

Having said that, I'd have to say that the only unforgivably bad parts of the prequels were the Padme/Anakin interactions on Naboo.  Which really is disheartening because both Portman and Christensen are fine actors.

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 When's the kinect drink along happening?

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Glad to see people getting excited for the next one. Nothing beats drunk dudes playing a bad Star Wars game on a Kinect.

Great wrap-up of the Simpsons game, I played and beat it on the Nintendo DS a decent amount of time ago. The stories weren't that much different, just the gameplay mechanics.

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John you didn't answer my awesome Simpsons question I sent you. :(

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This has been a good drink along, nice to see you finish it. 

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lisas charged attack causes enemies to attack each other...

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