The Simpsons Game Drink Along Part 4

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And here I thought that I was about to go to bed....

Frère Jacques doesn't have any known connection to the black plague.  It is thought to have been sung to taunt Jews, Protestants, and others for not being good Catholics by implying that they remained in bed when they heard the sound of morning churchbells instead of getting up and going to mass.

Also, as far as I know, the Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic, Good/Neutral/Evil system originated with D&D.  And, John, in case you really are interested in it, I can say that D&D is far less confusing and complicated than most people think.

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LFG means Looking For Group, commonly used when searching for a dungeon run or raid in World of Warcraft.

I loved the Medal of Honor level. I nearly spit up my drink when Grampa Simpson said "cheese eating surrender monkeys."

The numerous references to Japanese games like Pokemon and Final Fantasy certainly made for a good laugh as well. 

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Got my beer koozie just in time!

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Micheal Bay's Simpsons would be easy. First off, the whole movie would be about Kang and Kodos attacking Earth, but obviously the key battlefield will be Springfield. Naturally Kang and Kodos will look nothing like their show counterparts. They be more humanoid. Homer wouldn't be fat. He'd probably look like the Rock. There'd be no Marge and Maggie, so Bay could have his brand of half assed romance. Possibly between Homer and some female alien. Bart and Lisa would be older. Bart would be like Shia LeBeauf in the Transformers, some bumbling comic relief. Lisa would be hot and we would only know she's smart because she wears glasses. After that it's all slow motion, pew-pew, explosions, roll credits. The end.

Bay has easily hurt movies more, by showing just how successful a PG level mindless movie can be easy to turn out. Lucas just fucked up his own properties. Him and Lucas just got to this point where everything needed to be made safe for kids and tie in toys.

BTW, Lucas and Spielberg created Indiana Jones. Lucas didn't write anything though.

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I swear to god i heard marge say she was the "milf queen" in the zelda section

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Final Fantasy 10 just spoiled for me..... 

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Am I the only one that noticed the Kingdom Hearts Key Blades in the dog statues mouth on the Japanese level.

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dark souls had a lawful/neutral/evil guild system (sunbro,moonbro, etc)

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''LFG'' = looking for group (for example for a dungeon) and ''warriors do it two handed'' is making fun of world of warcraft becouse "rouges do it from behind"

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in the year 2525 if man is still alive hehe

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