The Simpsons Game Drink Along Part 2

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This session was a good one. It seems that John's sucking at this game is finally getting into Dan's talkativeness during the drink along.

Hang on, guys, don't despair.

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the chum guzzler was the name of the boat in that archer episode int he first season that nikolai rented for him and mallory to go have a secret date on and watch lana on her mission with scorpio

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I really liked how it just ended out of nowhere, but other than that this drink along was scrumtrulescent.

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I love all the unique references throughout the game. 

Btw i was going to donate some real cider, brewed in countryside of England, but my crappy postal services said  I cannot legally export alcohol internationally, and if i did the alcohol would be rejected or seized.

<@:(     - Cone hat curly haired sad face 

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So you guys recorded this about a week and a half ago... are you rationing these out or something?

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-we have clearence clarence,
-roger roger whats are vector victor

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every movie you two mentioned i can quote cover to cover, airplane, major league one and two, hot shots one and two.

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Just became a huge fan of you guys (who sound, act and have almost IDENTICAL sensibilities to the close friends that I game with)...awaiting Part 3!  Game on...

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Very intertaining,

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One of my new favorite bands' (Big Black Delta) frontman had a tweet about the Mario/Portal game and how sweet it is.  You should check his band out and of course perform a drink along to MariO.

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