The Simpsons Game Drink Along Part 1

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Thank you for giving me an excuse not to finish my essay on the symbolism of drowning in literature. 

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I remember playing this a while ago on the Wii but it was a bit different.

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I think you guys also need to do a Drink Along for The Simpsons Hit & Run for the PS2.

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Definitely agreed on the Hit & Run Drink Along. More overdue than The Simpsons Game. Follow up with a Tapped Out Drink along xD

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Stabbed in prison.

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here you go guys book and all 

12 bucks 


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Me and my friends did the exact same thing as Dan when we found our first Playboys. We put the in a big lunch box then took them to a field where we berried it just beneath the soil next to a tree that we could always recognize. Not sure if it's still there, cool time capsule idea though.

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I loved Hit and Run when I was a kid. I never got passed alien autopsy though, I should dig it back out and give the game another try

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John also has to read "The Psychology of the Simpsons" and give his opinion of it on the next podcast. 

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*Ahem hem*

Australian food: Meat pie, Vegemite, Pavlova , Lamington, Damper, Anzac biscuits , Kangaroo, Crocodile and Emu meat.

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Dan, I believe that target was the Scottish flag.

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Dan also needs to take a drink for not getting the Matrix reference, "Follow the white rabbit"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are you kidding me john? German beer> american beer

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Bring on Part 2!!

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