New iPad vs. iPad 2 Graphics Comparison

I try to compare the graphics on the New iPad (iPad 3) to the iPad 2 and discover that the New iPad has not improved video output to the Apple TV.

From Apple website: "AirPlay Mirroring to Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation) at 720p"...kinda

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I hope to pick up an iPad soon (don't know which model). Shame you couldn't show the differences in supposed visual upgrades. Yet I wouldn't mind seeing more iOS footage. Now that John's got a new PC, you both can cover all fronts of video game. 

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Quick question when I get my new iphone 4s for verizon I was thinking of getting infinity blade for it along with hero academy. However, I was wondering what one I should get? Would u say it would be best to get both IB 1&2 and then play 2 after I beat 1 or should I just jump to 2 or should I just get 1? Not really wanting to pay a whole bunch but if you think it is worth it then I probably will buy both.

Thanks and game on! :)

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They both look pretty limited to me.

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