Mass Effect 3 Single Player Gameplay with Commentary!

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Just as a heads up on the lore, Shepard was discharged from duty due to blowing up a Mass Relay in order to delay the Reaper's return in the Mass effect 2 dlc, "Arrival". :) Also for suggestions for classes to play - the vanguard is incredibly fun along w/ the adept - those are the 2 that i use the most.

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Ashley did have dark hair in the first Mass Effect, but she didn't have the same sex appeal that BioWare has chosen her to portray in Mass Effect 3. Ashley's hair used to done up in a bun, and her personality was strictly military professional.

You may remember Captain Kirrahe from Mass Effect 1. He's the salarian that lead the diversionary charge against the Saren's krogan breeding facility on Virmire, the same planet on which you could kill Wrex and were forced to sacrifice either Kaiden or Ashley. 

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Eh you think you're actually gonna finish the walkthrough this time around?

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Agreed about the graphics, even though I played this when it came out on PC I picked it up on PS3 to get me my save and it looked damn chunky.  The animations are so much better than before, and shephard's arms aren't disappearing into his body.

Still ambivalent about the gameplay though, also the PC versions all have completely different HUD and in-game UI setups from the console versions which is why ME2 doesn't work with a controller

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Also, I'd recommend the adept or the engineer as they the game play less like a poor-man's gears and more like its own brand of shooter

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"Earth is the America of planets"


Amazing quote.  So pumped for this game

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You should do a drink along for this game.

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so pumped for this game

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Well, Here is some info on the lore of the game:

The people that you fought in the second game were the collectors, at the end of ME2 you went into their base and had the option to save the tech and give it to the Illusive Man or blow up everything and you also got to fight the Human Reaper. The guys who were fighting you were people from Cerberus. In Mass Effect 2 you did work for them after they brought Shepard back to life to fight the collectors and to attempt to stop the Reapers. As far as I can tell, I don't know why they are your enemies now (Might be because you tell The Illusive man at the end of ME2 that you don't need his help). So now, Shepard is going around the galaxy to recruit armies to fight the reapers because he/she knows how strong one is( In Mass Effect 1, it took several ships to stop one when it wasn't even attacking.) In the demo, the game focuses on the drunk driver kid because the developers want the players to know that they are helpless against the Reapers. Hope that helps, anyways great job as always, you guys were the main reason why I started playing mass effect in the first place.        Really looking forward to this game.

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17:45 - Sorry John that was is Mass Effect 2, Tactical Cloak isn't new. : ( Still cool though right?

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Game audio was a little to loud on this one, I could barely hear you guys during some of the loud action sequences.

Love the commentary AS ALWAYS!!! This game looks gorgeous!

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Funny enough, Liara has the same voice actor as the other two games, whereas Mordin is the one whose voice actor changed from ME2 to ME3. Also, if Wrex is dead, it will probably be his brother, Wreav, who accompanies you, since he's the one who replaces Wrex in ME2 if Wrex was killed.

As for classes, the Vanguard is nice if you know how to use its unique skill Charge, but it takes a lot of quick thinking to prevent rushing into a group of enemies and getting shot by everyone around you. Adept is good for difficulties lower than Hardcore, assuming ME3 is going to do the same thing they did with armor/shield/barrier in ME2. I'd recommend Vanguard if you're up to it, or Sentinel for a more defensive class. You just need to remember to use your abilities more often.

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I've been trying to convince John to use Charge since the ME2 Drink Along. Hopefully he'll finally listen and start being a bad ass Shepard instead of a lamb Shepard...

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Pretty disappointed when my playthrough as an infiltrator didn't include a sniper rifle. Also I see some story inconsistencies already, like how did the alliance take Shepard's ship when Cerberus built that Normandy? I wouldn't think it would be there's to take. So he was removed from duty. Big deal! What was Shepard doing sitting around on his Spectre ass?  Hopefully the full game will do some more explaining.

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btw: this was from ME2, from what I've seen of ME3 its gotten even better

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I love the comic, that's exactly how I feel about the Vanguard after using that class extensively in multiplayer. Every other class feels boring by comparison now. I can't go back!

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