Mass Effect 3 Single Player Demo Gameplay

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I'm curious, how did you guys receive the demo so early? Did you win a code on Facebook? Or maybe through some other means?

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Ya through Facebook

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When does the demo come out for us plebeians?

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Campaign demo comes out this Tuesday, Multiplayer comes out on Thursday.

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You don't need special access or anything. Just find the Mass Effect 3 app on Facebook.

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damn they have done quite a bit with the new engine, looks close to ME2 on the PC. I feel a lot a better about this game now I know you won't be stuck on earth doing the Gears of War routine

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I didn't look to see who uploaded this post, but by the gameplay I could tell it was Dan.

No offense to Dan as a person, but as a gamer, watching this was at times painful.  I am sure that Dan will get better at playing this game in time, however this gameplay suggested a complete unfamiliarity with the franchise as a whole, given his misuse (or lack of use) of utilizing team powers, weapon choice, and melee.

Seeing this kind of gameplay made it truly difficult to watch at times.

Sure, one doesn't need great gameplay to learn strategy for a guide, etc.  However as someone who enjoys watching these walkthroughs for the entertainment value of watching video gameplay with commentary, I think I would not be able to watch through the walkthrough in its entirety.

With all that being said.  Thanks a lot for uploading this video.  I'm super pumped to play the demo, as well as the final game after seeing it.

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If you were more familiar with past commentaries and podcasts, you'd know Dan has only played part of Mass Effect 2. This is just a quick Let's Play of the demo. It's not an official walkthrough, and I'm sure you didn't know all the intricacies of combat the first time you loaded up Mass Effect. 

Not trying to sound like a dick here, but recording the demo footage and uploading it to YouTube as soon as possible was more important, I'm sure, than being familiar with all the mechanics. 

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not using the squad powers really didn't seem to hamper Dan unless John was playing then in that case he must have been completly hammered

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Wow, this is actually what I expected; the game I mean not Dan playing it. So what is going to be Guys an actual walk through or drink along.

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Don't worry I'm not making the guide, nor do I claim to have any familiarIty with the franchise. I got the early access demo code and wanted to get the footage up ASAP. John was unavailable to record it due to a story that will be told on the next podcast...

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