Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC Ending

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Well, it isn't the mid-blowing ending that everyone was expecting from Bioware, but still it's a little better than the original ending. I Just wish that Bioware would be a bit more like CD Projekt RED and make an enhanced edition of ME 3 like CD Projekt RED did with The Witcher 2.

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Wow, the awful ending makes more sense now. (Sarcasm)

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After the "original" endings I thought of my own "kanon" concerning events that happened after the ending.

And the Extended Cut basically confirmed all my yeah, I liked least for the destroy-ending.

The Spacechild is still stupid though.

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This actually makes sense now, thank you BioWare!

I think that the original ending wasn't that bad, people just moaned and bitched about it a bit too much.

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I agree with you, although the only thing that bothered me with the original ending was why my squad and Joker left me. I am glad there was a reason for that and it is nice to get more clarification about the Catalyst's(a.k.a. Spacechild) motivations. I am only upset I can't shoot him anymore if I want a decent ending.

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My interest in returning to Mass Effect 3 is at an all-time low right now, so I resorted to watching the endings on YouTube. While I'm glad BioWare made the effort developing this DLC, I was fine with the original endings even though I had still had questions. I respected BioWare's right to end the franchise in ways they saw fit.

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Yeah, killing Shepard off through sacrifice was predictable from the start, but I was fine with it. Shepard was always that kind of character anyway. It was just the plot holes that most people had a problem with. The DLC remedies most of it, and the option to just say 'ef' you to the 'God Child" is a great addition. And if people still want a happy ending, the closest one their ever going to get is still the 'Control' option IMO.

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i thought it was a rip off of a fallout ending - just a picture of a place/society and how the decision affected them which could be found out with out the silly DLC. but TBH i'm also hacked off that we had to download and ending it probably all ready should of had...

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