Mailbag Monday #7 - Propaganda Mario

Podcast fan Sean makes a very generous donation after we hit episode 100.

Buy your own set of Mario Propaganda Posters

christothefirst's picture

If only the Steam sales didn't clean me out...

Red_Baron2011's picture

Half of those are WW2 posters. The other half are Cold War themed.

explicit_baron's picture

Great donation. Dan looks like he's working out more and playing less video games. Wonder if John looks the same.

pfro's picture

Really creative posters

Os1res's picture

I don't know if you guys bought the special edition of Bioshock know the $120 one...I'm one of those people that bought it >.> but it came with 3 posters from the game and there is some writing on them that you can only see with a black light.

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