Drink Along - Tiger Woods Kinect

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I haven't watched yet, but seeing that the video is 41 minutes long I assume the game's not that good. It probably doesn't work at all.

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I thought John was away til Saturday? 

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Haha, funny vid. Shame the developers are wasting the Kinects potential. 

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Dammit John, learn how to fist the Kinect!

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John's too tall for the Kinect to read him "correctly", he should get back a feet or two, if the sensor allows it.

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lol @ " mulligan "

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Makes me glad I dont own a kinect.

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The guy on the right is Rickie Fowler. Hes a fucking boss. You should exclusively play as him and also buy his hats and wear them while you play.

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@ II RickyBFC II

Because it was previously recorded, like a show.

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This was one of the funniest drink alongs in a while because of the genuine frustration

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Why weren't they out fucking porn stars  or getting dumped by their sponsors?

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 That was the funniest thing I have seen on this site in a long time. I'd like to see a follow up to this with a controller so John can bash the kinect more.

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"It's a kinect, it assumes you're either drunk or retarded." - Dan


Damn right.

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Dude. The Kinect works just fine.  No one wants to watch you bitch about it while you get your ass handed to you in golf.  You aren't use to it yet, obviously, and you raise your arms above the little square half the time.  Also, you  have dainty fists that a three year old wouldn't notice up his bum.

Much love <3

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