Drink Along - The Darkness 2 - Part 3

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John's hair is too long, short, tame, and weird all at the same time. 

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MOTHER FUCKERS! You missed a ladder drink! Busy talking about cinabons!!!!!!!!!!

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I fucking love Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison but hate Dumb + Dumber, it just doesn't tick

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Padiddle - definitely practiced here in North Carolina. We call "padiddle" and tap the roof of the car if we see another vehicle with a broken/burnt out headlight. My friends and I usually don't take off our clothes though. That leads to many awkward situations the morning after. 

I would say Forgetting Sarah Marshall gets a lot of respect as a comedy - at least from college students. I love the original American Pie trilogy more than the spin-offs too. The humor is genuine without the need for excessive tits. They're like the Animal House of our generation. I'm very excited to see American Reunion. :)

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We have Padiddle here is Massachusetts. 

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In Michigan we have beer car. If you see a car with one out headlamp you call out beer car and everyone punches the roof. The last person the hit the roof is the only one that removes an article of clothing though

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Hey man, my family is part cinnabun.

PS - they also forgot the Quick Killer drink before the Irresistible drink.

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Damn it I was just about to quote dr. nick but you guys beat me too it while i was watching

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It was Peeves the poltergeist from Harry Potter. Filch was the castle "caretaker"

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i have lived in California and in new york and both have piddle, but with just slight tweaks. anyway great drink along

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