Drink Along - The Darkness 2 - Part 2

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What a nice surprise to break up my studies. I hope you guys decide to livestream tonight as well.

Condemned was indeed an Xbox 360 launch title. It's mannequin sequence is often quoted for one of video games' scariest moments.

I love how John never moved the camera away from Venus' breasts when talking to her. I think the brothel has to be a contender for top Drink Along moments. And John did shoot the leaping guy right in the chest - don't know how he missed.

John could be in an asylum as long as he acts depressed.


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Great i just Ran out of stuff to watch since X-episodes been terminated, good timing with the upload :)

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That is the Italian Flag john. I'm sorry

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"You don't call retarded people retards, it's bad taste. You call your friends retards when they're acting retarded"

Michael Scott

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Thanks for reminding me, I need to rewatch all fourteen seasons. Off to my local video store to legally purchase the boxsets...

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John is fucking awesome when he is doing his own walkthroughs but for some reason during drink alongs he is just so bad! :P Dan you are a funny mofo. Love your drink alongs and I love your walkthroughs. But I have to say I do get a little frustrated sometimes with how down right bad John can be sometimes and his ADD is terrible. But I cant stop watching...

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Yeah, it sucks that they've been shut down...hopefully they will recover though.

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I dont get the 11 points D:

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http://www.mojoflix.com/Video/Two-Men-Impaled-by-Pipe.html  this is a link to the two guys impaled by a pipe story Dan talked about.   The 11 points thing is from a mockumentary  about a rock band named spinal tap where a band member discusses his speaker/ amp that goes to 11 instead of the normal 10.

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 funniest drink along yet did you notice how on the map "britun" was pointing at the us?

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