Drink Along - The Darkness 2


Come join us for the bloodbath that is The Darkness 2.

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John, the game that you were thinking  of with the Parodies is "Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard". Also how can you not like scooby-doo, what's next you going to say you didn't  like the power rangers. Love drinking along with the drink alongs/first impressions been watching since the start but final joined  the site. Are you guys going to finish   Q.U.B.E game cause getting drunk an solving a puzzle is funny  as hell and me yelling at the screen that your doing it wrong, like you can really hear me.

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It's only when watching these drink alongs I realise how when you're drunk, your ability to think rationally is gone.

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the video won't work for me all it says is my browser doesn't regognize the video format

don't know why but the vid works now

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Fixed the video, sorry about that

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Guys, these drink along posts have become my new Yoga.

A calming period for meditation and introspection.

Please continue for the sake of sanity. HUZZAH!

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I fucking choked on my drink laughing when you did the ASSECUTION kill and then you both said the name at the same time. 

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If I watched this before the Dark Souls guide, I'd be sure that the guide wouldn't have been completed before early 2012.

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I thought you should know that theres an ad that says "1 click for a roman orgy"

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if you cut it off a bit it will grow faster

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Just some tips for you guys if you want them


  • Turn down the brightness, makes spotting lights easier (I had the same problem)
  • Invest in gun channeling (you get infinite ammo and the ability to shoot through walls making clearing rooms fast as hell) ps if you buy the power execution it reduces cooldown times
  • I found John's comment "You mean the moon?" far more entertaining than his xmen joke (sorry john, dan has to be right sometimes) 
  • And last YOU GUYS STOPPED RIGHT BEFORE THE BROTHEL PART WTF? you should at least continue the next level and see the woman giving their "services"
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Yea, Rocky Mountain Oysters are bull balls. Every time there's a visitor at my house we take them to a local restaurant and tell them it's chicken for laughs.

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Great drink along as always guys!

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You guys thought that his spine was his dick. LOL

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Jesus Christ John, that was painful. Let Dan play for fuck sake.

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