Drink Along - SSX - Part 2

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I wanna play this game myself, but the price to buy it new is way to expensive for what it is worth. It just seems that all games these days get released at the same price(£39.99) no matter how much/ or what content it contains.
I can see there are more cons than pros anyway, so the price will drop fast to a reasonable price of what it is worth.
Good drink along though, and I didn't have another tab open :p

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I definitely just open the video and listen to commentary while gaming. But depending on the game I'll watch the video. Apart from that, another great drink along

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I tend to split my time between watching and listening. I'll usually watch the first few minutes just to see what the game looks like and how it plays. After that really depends on the game, how much you guys are sucking at it, and whether your giving each other shit over it.

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I can't multi-task for shit, which includes focusing on people talking and doing something else, so 100% of the time I'm watching the video. Sometimes I'll even go back and watch your guys' gameplay videos while listening to a podcast.

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I'm watching actually, because I have nothing better to do and im bored as shit waiting for me3

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If you guys record footage of a game I have no interest in playing (like SSX), I typically just listen for the commentary. 

You two might actually be surprised at the quality of Binary Domain though. I've already put five hours into the single-player, and I'm enjoying each second. There's nothing particularly unique about the gameplay, but it has a degree of polish uncommonly seen in video games today. As for the Metacritic scores, Binary Domain only has a dozen or so published reviews while Syndicate has around thirty. It's the extremes of more widely reviewed games like Syndicate that affect the overall average.

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And Moby? You can get stomped by Obie
You thirty-six year old baldheaded fag, blow me
You don't know me, you're too old, let go
It's over, nobody listen to techno

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And the reason it seems too hard, and frustrating, is because you're retarded drunks.

Face it, it's true, the game is objectively great.

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I really like the use of spotify during the video.  I mostly just listen to drink alongs, unless I am interested in the game.

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So I was playing Starcraft 2 with this in the background. When Dan asked how many people are just listening to them jabber, I lost my shit and my macro fell apart. I lost that game shortly after. True story.

You guys owe me ladder points

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I usually drink along to drink alongs.

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Dan:  "I don't understand this" = not important

John: "I don't understand this" = I'm going to spend all night figuring this out

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Great drink along. You guys ever considered doing drink alongs for older games. Im sure you'll have alot to say about a game like Simpsons Hit and Run for example.

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this was open in other tab dan

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I really enjoy the drink alongs but when John is talking about something quite interesting and Dan is just sitting there going "wooooo" etc over the top of him its pretty annoying heh.

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if you want a SSX game with skiing you should buy 'SSX on tour' . It's around 10 bucks  on ps store or 5 bucks for ps2. thank again, the drink along was great as always.

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wait wait wait, if you need oxygen to go down a mountain means there is thin air, there is no fucking way a helicopter can operate in thin air because of the requirement of air, especially on Everest. sorry i`m a geek. but you want a realistic game right....

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