Drink Along - SSX

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if you want to link tricks, you can hold x or b when on the ground to either nose or tail press on the ground

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tricky was playing at our peprally today... coincidence? i think not!

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You guys bringing up Heisenberg makes me want to watch all 4 seasons again...

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Typed Skip it into Google and this showed up on Amazon.


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I was screaming at the scream how bad you were!!!!!!!! Im sorry but HOLYBUTTFUCK

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I think the 1st anniversary for Drink Along with Dan and John is approaching... any plans?

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when you rewind in the race it only rewinds your characters. your opponents still go forward. that's how they beat you.

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As a non-extreme sports games person, is this dumb and accessible enough for me to enjoy? Bar racing games I can't stand "simulation"-style games

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@AdamPage - there's definitely a learning curve to the controls and getting a feel for how to effectively rack up points. Took me a little bit to get the hang of things (I've never played an SSX game before), but it's definitely fun as hell. 

...Excluding the deadly descent stuff. fuck that.

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Oh yeah! Cheap DJ party, whohoo!

Rewind that shit!

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What's the problem with the deadly descents?

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that guy is fking annoying

go promote your ed hardy crap somewhere else!

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Personally I don't find them that fun; falling to your death repeatedly kinda takes away from the overall experience of stringing together combos and feeling like a badass. The same frustration goes for pressing RB to breathe and whatever else contrived equipment mechanics they forced into the game. From seeing gameplay videos of the franchise in past games, it seems that the roots of SSX was always "do crazy shit and have fun," and the deadly descent stuff strays away from that. Big time. Some people might love it, but I'm not big on something that feels like the developers did not want to scrap from the initial pitch of the game, back in December of 2010 when it was unveiled as that super serious SSX: Deadly Descents.

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In this drink along you completed the two most annoying mountain ranges. After you finish the wingsuit levels there won't be that many levels with cliffs and crevasses.

If you were to do another drink along I'd reccomend doing the Himalayas or Siberia. Those are more trick focused and way easier than the ones you did.

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I love you guys, but it's so fucking annoying to listen to John's ranting

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I love how John says he doesn't want to talk about religion, but then brings it back to religion about 12 seconds later. These drink alongs are great.

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Fair enough, I honestly have never given the franchise a second thought until now. The point of reference I have for this kind of "Xtreme SPORTS" genre is the Tony Hawk games. If the series is as crazy as you say then I might pick this one up. It certainly looks the part.

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Rant along with Dan and John lol

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Rant along with Dan and John lol

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