Drink Along - Clear Vision (iOS)

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Reminds me of the Sift Heads series.

But yeah, this game is barely worth the dollar it cost.

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This game is actually free online. Just search any popular Flash site. It's also the fifth game in the Clear Vision series. 1 through 4 put you in the stick shoes of an elite military sniper. Clear Vision 5 seems to be the first with a large emphasis on the story of an ordinary civilian turned assassin.

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I agree with John, great concept. Dealing with  obstacles such as wind and distance, just needs more puzzle to give it the extra boost it needs. 

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That was just about the most anticlimactic ending i've ever seen

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How 'bout trying the Sniper Elite demo? Same deal, kinda, dealing with wind and heart-rate and such. I've been playing the shit outta the demo it's really fun.

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If you are looking for a bit more of a thinking process to your game try out Tactical Assassin. They have those clues in the mission briefing that you use to identify your target. Also, proof reading.

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The Sniper Elite demo was excellent, I think John especially would like it

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Had high hopes for Sniper Elite V2 until I realised it was being developed by Rebeliion, who did Rogue Warrior and NeverDead

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Have you at least played the demo? It's really fun. I know Rebellion's track record, but I'm cautiously optimistic about this. At the very least I'm gonna wait till the reviews come out before I buy it.

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i would have gone "Bunny and the Bull"  on that last gamble, trust me "Bunny and the Bull" is a good flick i want to know what you think. I'll send a link to John

i love you guys 


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