Drink Along - Binary Domain Demo

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I found myself crying laughing at Johns voice command testing REGROUP! REGROUP!

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Haha. Great Video.

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Dan you are correct, you guys turned a horrible demo into a very entertaining one!

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I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth the controls feel. Although the character animations seem awkward and the voice acting won't win any awards, I'm still looking forward to (hopefully) posting a review. A dystopian future ruled by machines may just be enough to carry me to the end credits.

Sober John needs not the meager aiming assist to combat the forces of a Terminator-esque future. Drunk John no aim stuff good at robots.

Honestly, I was in stitches due to John's inability to pronounce "Fuck" correctly. I'm at a loss for words concerning this game's voice recognition. I didn't expect it to be great by any means however. I vote for a full Drink Along of Binary Domain using only voice commands to order your squad around!

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Ha, I gave up on this pile of shit before getting to the robot. Hilarious Drink Along though!

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The voice recognition part needs to go into the wiki game guides hall of fame along with the highlights from Amnesia the dark descent.

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SOCOM didn't train me to swear, I developed the skills myself

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wow endwars voice command was much better and they missed a chance to have that viewpoint snap on to that hot ass

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fuck fuck fuckity fuck


Hilarious demo.

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Thumps Up = Live!

Thumps Down = Kill!

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