Borderlands 2 - Launch Date Trailer

Death ScytheX1's picture

Looks awesome, can't wait for this game to arrive!

Bayou's picture

For how bad dubstep is that song didn't suck as bad as 90% of the genre does good trailer can't wait for the game.

Cheeseisbestyes's picture

Looks awesome!

Derzan's picture

Gotta love that wub wub!

ironmaidenfan1961's picture

omfg! there it is! thats my most anticipated game of the year for 2012! i absolutely loved the first one and i can't wait for borderlands2! i'm definitely preodering that badboy!

explicit_baron's picture

GREAT trailer finally a good trailer for a game its been so long. Music was good sounded like Deadmau5. Did anyone else feel like this is like a fan made trailer that came out great. Fan: "I wish they put dubstep in a borderlands trailer, it would be awesome" they just did.

jbrad6's picture

yes we did bitches...

Scumbagb3n's picture

Probably the best trailer i have ever seen- not including dead island

pantsmeetshit's picture

Holy fuck is that a good trailer

guitargod1157's picture

I'm so ready to joypuke my face off!

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