Battlefield 3 Single Player First Impressions

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guys i love the commentary its comedy genius

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Screw those bastards!, i only watch the video FOR THE COMMENTARY

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Is your Dark Souls guide finish or are you going to do this quickly and then continue Dark Souls?

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guys forza 4 is the best looking game!

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I didn't think Rage was very impressive since i was playing the PC version and it looked the same as the xbox version, but it didn't run well at all. However, when I played the beta for Battlefield 3 it looked really good and ran well except for some lag issues.

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there not working with the plr there trying to recapture the stole nuke and yes the stinger missile really does that in real life and unfortunately you cant see how hot jennifer hawkins is in her flight suit

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Did anyone else notice that on the fighter you fly, it says Lt. Hawkings "Wedge", So your call-sign is a star wars reference

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Guys, dont give up the commentary!! Its the main reason why a lot of people come to this site, myself included. Do a poll on the main page, you'll see.

Maybe you could release a seperate version for the miserable bastards that think laughing will make their balls shrivel up and drop off.

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there is hit markers in this game just like cod, but only in multiplayer and co-op the story doesn't include them and neither does cod.

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I honestly do not believe a lack of commentary will affect their videos, the reason being that many fans will still watch every video for the walkthroughs but also for the small hope that one of those videos will contain said canceled commentary. If they were to only make gameplay guides though, they should at least keep the weekly podcast on schedule. Just my two cents.

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I watch walkthroughs for games I'd never even consider renting just for the commentary. This site is more for entertainment than anything else for me. Were they to get rid of the commentary, I would rarely watch the videos.

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I agree completely with hairyape94, there's nothing I enjoy more after a gruelling day of classes than to sit down at home and watch some WGG videos. In my opinion, the commentary is one of the things that makes this site stand out from all the rest.

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The commentary is one the things that makes WikiGameGuides the best video games walkthroughs website on the net.   

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The reason why I watch the your videos, is because of the commentary.

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The campaign was terrrible. I'm glad i'm not playing battlefield for its singleplayer

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I live in Brasil, I game only on the PC because it's the only real way to play games in here, since the consoles cost stupid amounts of cash. The only console I own is the Sega Genesis. Said that, I watched all the guides that they made, be it uncharted or be it gears of war. I watch their videos because of the commentary. WGG's guides and drink alongs and GiantBomb's quicklooks are one of the funniest and most entertaining things in the internet.

I beg you: Don't stop with the commentary. And please, try to bring the podcast to a more stable schedule.

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You know what'd be cool?  If this game had the option to turn off the HUD.

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I have to say that I do find your banter most entertaining, but I do kinda like it better when its with live gameplay because the commentary feels a bit more involved.  That early crack at GameStop made me laugh too.

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Registered just to tell you guys that I like the commentary as well. It actually was your commentary that kept me around, made me actually check out your site (then NextGenWalkthroughs), and your podcast.

Maybe it's a dumb idea, as I don't know how much trouble this would be, but what about putting up 2 versions of walkthrough? Say, a non-commentary one to the Wikigameguides channel and a commentary one to the NextGenWalkthrough channel. They could be the exact same video, just one would feature commentary.

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Normally, when I watch a walkthrough for a new game, I prefer watching videos that don't have commentaries, as some can be annoying.

But if it has you guys doing the commentary, I would watch anything. Seriously, I'm at a point where I watch videos solely for the commentary. Don't stop those commentaries, please.

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battlefield 3 look like a awesome game , and  i love the commentary guys

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Please, don't stop the commentary. I LOVE the commentary. I watch the games I don't buy for entertainment, I watch the games I do buy for tips and tricks. The commentary is part of the whole experience.

Oh, I also fully agree to the comment regarding live comments. It better follows the game and interacts when something happens, like, for instance, when you say that the wall is destructable and you shoot to prove it, nothing happens. Hahaha! 

Thanks, guys.

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It's funny, because you think people will still come to your site over ShitGN if you stop commentary.


Your hilarity is the only thing that sets you above the competitors, stop that and you lose all edge.

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they just copied the whole theme from Call Of Duty-Black Ops...and trying to copy Modern Warfare..tactics are gr8...animation is awesome... Graphics are gr8...but if we see the whole amount than the fact is this Battlefield Bad Company 2 was much better that 3rd one in single fact there are lots of mistakes in game like flickering of character..suddenly disappearance and appearance of objects...

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