Battlefield 3 HD Texture Pack Leaves Xbox 360 Arcade Owners With Last-Gen Graphics

The 1.5GB HD Texture Pack is simply too big for the Xbox 360 Arcade models that pack a meager 256MB of on board storage.  This will  undoubtedly leave many Xbox 360 owners who got in at the $199 price point with last-gen graphics on their new copy of Battlefield 3.  It also leaves owners of the 4GB Xbox 360 with very little wiggle room.

However, there are a couple of alternatives for these people.  They could overpay for an official Xbox HDD, or use a USB memory card.  In a somewhat recent update, Xbox 360 owners can now format up to 16GB of an external USB HDD for use with their Xbox 360.

Videos of the HD Texture Pack:

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I guess this is a job for...*puts on sunglasses*...LastGenWalkthroughs.

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So you can't go to Newegg and pop in a Western Digital HDD into your Xbox?  What about PS3?  They have to be official HDDs?

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Yeah, it's Microsoft's usual proprietary bullcrap when it comes to hard drives. Anyway, there shouldn't even need to be a HD texture pack in the first place, it should be on the disc, unless its part of a DLC pack. Not enough space on the one disc? Ship the game on multiple discs, it never stopped Rage.

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It is on multiple discs razz

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Wow, that is the best looking PS2 game I have ever seen.

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