Batman Arkham City - First Impressions

Part 1:

Part 2:

Josh Kowbel's picture

I'm really enjoying Arkham City so far. I dare say it is actually better than Portal 2. From what I've played, this might just be my Game of the Year. My review forthcoming. 

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Fuck you Dan! You're taking John's jerbs!!

Alpha Pipes's picture

You do know that you can finish off the guys on the ground wtih RT+Y. You could in arkham asylum anyway.

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Damn, I want to watch this....but since I'm waiting for the PC Version I'll have to wait :(

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After watching these two videos, I got a pretty big Infamous flashback, in terms of the way the map looks and flying around city it just had an Infamous feel about it, also in Infamous there was a trophy for jumping off the highest building. Also, @Alpha Pipes From what I remember from Asylum, that's the ground kill and it leaves you vulnerable. 

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Does anyone else think that Bruce Wayne in his tux looks alot like Archer? Love this game by the way.

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I just finished the my review and I have to say. This game is fucking good!

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Oh, man, what a great game. Now I can't decide what to ask for Christmas. Batman or Skyrim...

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