Crysis 3 Drink Along Part 2 (Day 25)

Bad accents galore in the second (and probably final) part of our Crysis 3 Drink Along.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we turn a videogame into a drinking game. Find all of our Drink Along videos here on or our Drink Along playlist on YouTube.

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Do you guys dress up for these or just drink in what you would wear normally? If not then maybye you should get sloshed in some more flattering attire.

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The manner in which John and his date acted toward each other doesn't seem to me to epitomize the difference between introverts and extroverts.
It seems to instead represent the dichotomy between humble people and sociopaths.

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Me and a few friends actually got tickets to see Louis CK live last December, but they canceled the show at the last minute.  But it turned out that they just decided to move the show to a later date because they were filming an HBO special instead.  So I got to see a Louis CK HBO special live.  It was legit.

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Loved this drink along. This game looks so gorgeous!!!

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