Com-cast Ep. 37: 2014 Game of the Year


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Composed by: Grant Kelly


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Games of the Year


Best Exclusive:

•Sunset Overdrive 

•Halo: The Master Chief Collection 

•inFamous Second Son 

•Mario Cart 8 

•Super Smash Bros. 

•Civilization Beyond Earth 

•Goat Simulator 


Best Multi-platform:

•Dark Souls 2


•Watch Dogs 


•Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor 

•Alien Isolation

•Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 

•Assassin's Creed Rogue 

•Assassin's Creed Unity 

•Dragon Age Inquisition 

•Far Cry 4 


Best Remaster:

•Halo: The Master Chief Collection

•The Last of Us Remastered 

•Grand Theft Auto V 

•The Walking Dead Seasons 1 & 2 

•FTL Advanced Edition


GameMinder Road Ahead: 


•Grim Fandango Remastered


•The Order: 1886

•Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

•Final Fantasy XV


•Mortal Kombat X

•Mighty No. 9

•The Witcher 3


•Fable Legends

•Halo 5 Guardians

•Just Cause 3


•Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

•Persona V

•Quantum Break

•Star Wars Battlefront

•Rainbow Six Siege

•Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

•Star Citizen

•No Man's Sky  

darthskeletor's picture

Whoa wait new podcast? Awesome.

I would like to stump for Unity for GOTY. Now before the angry mob knocks my door down demanding blood, I just want to preface by saying that I got it a month in, experienced no bugs whatsoever, and got the free DLC pack to boot. So things were looking pretty good to me. I absolutely understand that mileage may vary.

I also just want to note that you guys seem to absolutely need some sort of definitive winner, which often then means a deserving candidate doesn't get recognition. I see no problem with there being a multi-way tie; it just emphasizes the excellent attributes of each title more in my opinion.

Solifluktion's picture

This year I really fell into the 'only buy during sales' hole so the only two 2014 games I've really played were Insurgency and Alien Isolation. I also spent most of my time playing MP.

Of those two Insurgency takes it hands down. I loved the HL2 mod and the standalone game massivly improves on the mod.

If pre-release versions of games would count I'd name Rimworld.

The title for best 2013 game I played this year is tied between ArmA3 and Rome 2. I sunk a lot of time into those games and the MP for both is great.

As for best Mod I'll once again have to give it to Project Reality. It's not even funny how many hours I've sunk into that one.

As for the future I'm still very exited for Battlefront, whenever it will arrive.

And Witcher 3 naturally.



On the topic of The Clone Wars...if you only watch the storyarcs about the Clones it's actually pretty good (I really liked the Rookie-Arc). Just skip the Anakin/Droid/Mandalore/Darth Maul/Padawan stuff.

OmegaZero's picture

Yaaay! Welcome back to regularity! Glad to hear the KevinSpaceyCast will be making a resurgence. And sorry for the text walls that I tend to post; this one is shorter.

Continuing the discussion from ComCast 36 in regards to QA testing games, yes, modern games are larger and more complicated, but, as you say, game studios are 10 times larger and running 20 times more powerful equipment on 30 times the budget. While I don't expect every bug to be found prior to launch purely because of the amount of time that might require, it's ridiculous that games like Unity and The MCC shipped as they did. On the flip side, we find Far Cry 4, which to my knowledge has had almost nothing found in the way of people lacking faces or falling through the world, despite also being published by Ubisoft. There may be some hidden variable behind the scenes that explains the discrepancy, but Far Cry's relatively polished state is much more aligned with what I expect from a game nowadays.

While the campaign on CoD AW is undoubtedly an improvement on previous versions, let's be honest: the multiplayer is what matters. And to me, the only change to the way AW plays over Ghosts or Black Ops is that the maps are more vertical; every other difference is relatively minor or is generally useless. So that's a no go.
BioWare has issues with the number 3. DA:I is being received much better than Mass Effect 3, but between the sudden inclusion of multiplayer and a rash of bugs and inconsistencies it seems BioWare may soon follow in Valve's footsteps. I will admit that I haven't played AC Rogue, but from what you've said and from what others have said it seems deserving of it. I find it interesting that The MCC finds it's way onto both Best Exclusive and Best Remaster lists, and that other games did not (TLOU Remastered, FTL Advanced Edition). I think, for your categories, I must pick Smash Wii U, Shadow of Mordor, and a tie between GTA V Remastered and TLOU Remastered (once GTA V PC makes it's appearance and heists are added, that is).

I have a bad feeling that SWBF will be as bad as SW VII. Neither of them can possibly live up to the hype, so we may as well start bashing them now (and the nostalgia is strong with both the Battlefront games and the movies). The 3D animated Clone Wars series is actually pretty good if you selectively watch certain episodes (only maybe 30% of them are any good). The new Star Wars Rebels show needs to die a horrible, violent death. In a fire. On the surface of a star. Preferably far enough away that I'll never need to see or hear of it ever again.

I don't know if I have mentioned this previously, but I played in the Evolve beta and was sorely disappointed. Very few of the remaining announced upcoming games interest me, either because I have little or no investment in the series that it represents or because the genre of game holds little appeal to me.

In regards to what other commenters have said, I've put a solid amount of time into Insurgency (co-op only) and while it's enjoyable, there's some severe issues with it. It is still being updated so there's hope, but it doesn't even register on my list.

And yes, I'm absolutely stealing Solifluktion's formatting from now on.

live2rock13's picture

In the year where every major release claimed to be the true next gen experience, Sunset Overdrive takes a step back and remembers that games are supposed to be fun. In a true sense of irony, by not towting itself as the true next gen experience, it curbstomps every other game this year based on the principle of having fun. The main con I hear about this game is that it's "too cartoony." The complaints are easily drowned out by the sounds of the enemies screaming from being on fire while I launch explosive teddy bears at them from a missile launcher.  While everyone tries to force themselves to enjoy the latest and greatest disappointments from EA and Ubisoft, I'll happily bring in the new year grinding on power lines with cheap 80's punk playing in the background.

Happy New Year from live2rock13! 

disgruntledavians's picture

Awesome discussion guys, really love the comeback the podcast is making, hopefully it doesn't stall. That being said, if regular Let's Plays are also a thing, then I can understand the podcast becoming more occasional. Much of what I have to say about Sunset Overdrive has been discussed by live2rock13, and my thoughts on AC: Unity have already been covered by darthskeletor, which is great because that means I get to type less!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on No Man's Sky and Star Citizen. I was an original backer with a lifetime insurance ship; I'm wondering if I should sell it and what the optimal time for that would be. The prices are insane, yo.

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