Com-cast Ep. 32: The Fairer Gamers


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The Fairer Gamers

  • Are we seeing an increase strong and different female characters as main characters in video games?
  • Can female developers create more realistic and believable female characters, as opposed to the over-sexualized characters?
  • Would you play a game with a non-sexualized female character?
  • Female gamers are often harassed by others online. Is there room to police and monitor offensive behavior in games?
  • As it becomes more acknowledged that female gamers are on the rise, will it be accepted that female gamers can be a part of the "boys club" environment that is video games?
RAM's picture

Heres the Role reversed Legend of Zelda Jackie mentioned
Heres the Hey Ash Whatcha Playing: Girl Games video I mentioned

Solifluktion's picture

Nice topic.

I really wish more games would make female characters feel more like characters and less like eyecandy.

It makes for a more enjoyable experience to have good characters. If they happen to be attractive that's fine, but you don't have to objectivy a female character to please the gamers....especially in an oversexualized world.

disgruntledavians's picture

Great topic. Sorry I haven't been commenting as much, like you work has really interfered with my involvement. Thanks to Jackie for helping spearhead it, I enjoy it when you guys have guests on like Marshall, to break up the usual crew and add some fresh voices and perspectives. 

I think we've reached a turning point with video games where they can deal with females in a far more nuanced, complex, and frankly mature way. Mass Effect was one such indicator, and another one is the new Tomb Raider, as you guys have mentioned.

I might even throw in Remember Me and Mirror's Edge as games that weren't at all about the fact that it was a female protagonist, but wasn't about the fact they were female. They still have complex environments and stories. 

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