Com-cast Ep. 29: The Great Divergence


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Composed by: Grant Kelly


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The Great Divergence

  • Are we beginning to see more narrative heavy games take center stage as the graphics reach a point where we can fully attach ourselves to the character(s) in the story?
  • On the flip side, are we seeing more games moving away from single-player and instead move towards multiplayer only, like Destiny, Titanfall, The Division, etc.?
  • Could single-player games make a return in the form of single-player/multiplayer hybrids, like Demon's Souls, Watch Dogs, Dragon's Dogma, etc.?
  • Have budgets reached a point where it's nearly impossible to make a return of profits funding these "AAAA" titles?
  • Would the death of Call of Duty bring about change in the industry?
Solifluktion's picture

I feel like CoD is blocking innovation and experimentation. Everyone tries to copy the CoDformula and in turn we get CoD-Knockoffs with slight changes, but nothing more. Even the Battlefield-series drifted into CoD-territory and only just now seems to get back on track with the reintroduction of the Commander in BF4. At the same time I feel like CoD has helped introduce the masses to gaming as something totally normal and not just the thing for those awkward geeks so I guess it's not all bad.


Btw nice to have the Comcast back. But maybe the next time you could turn up the volume on Simon's end. I was listening to this episode while walking through rush hour and while I could easily understand what Max said, Simon was a bit harder to hear.

michaelkirschner's picture

I feel like Battlefield is still in COD territory I recently played the BF4 Beta (really a demo let's stop calling things Betas when they are demos) and I was amazed... no amazed is the wrong word frustrated is more appropriate at how small the map was. Battlefield has left the idea of large um fields with combined arms and teamwork and headed towards tight corridors and alleys with lone wolfing being the style of choice

Solifluktion's picture


I figured they used a small map to appeal to the mainstream. When I'm in the mood for a great Teamplayexperience in Battlefield I play Project Reality for BF2. But maybe the Commandermode will reintroduce some semblance of Teamplay to the average match.

michaelkirschner's picture

I have not had a chance to try out PR is it any fun or is it more like Arma?

Solifluktion's picture

It's actually really fun. You still have the control you have in BF2 Vanilla so it doesn't feel as weird as in ArmA. However a headset is a must have.

Whiplash's picture

Continuing the discussion about the gaming aesthetics, if you want to see a great example of the developers discussing what aesthetics they're trying to achieve, watch the recent ViDoc of Destiny, where they go into great detail, albeit vaguely, what aesthetics will be in the game itself.

If you weren't sure what aesthetics were mentioned, they were:


Discovery (locations and loot)

Fellowship (heavily discussed throughout)





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