Com-cast Ep. 26: Guitar Here We Go Again


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Guitar Here We Go Again

  • Is the rhythm genre an incredibly niche case that is not repeatable by any other genre?
  • Was the decline caused by needing expensive peripherals, or by sheer title overload?
  • What would have further installments offered in terms of meaningful advances?
  • What lessons, if any, can the publishers and developers learn from this example?
Whiplash's picture

I have a really interesting take on the Guitar Hero discussion. My brother loved the games so much, he went out and bought an actual electric guitar. He then played and loved his guitar so much, he lost interest in Guitar Hero and Rock Band, because they weren't real enough for him. But then he heard that Guitar Hero 7 was going to introduce the massive amount of frets to the guitar, and he was as happy as a clam. But then Guitar Hero went under and he was really disappointed to see it go. But, to this day, he still plays that guitar he bought.

One more thing. More of a personal question, but what was the first video game you've ever played? I'm always interested in hearing people's beginnings in gaming. First game I ever played was Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure for the Sega Genesis. A better game than Call of Duty could ever be.

Solifluktion's picture

Every Comcast where Simon refers to the Republic Commando Novels is a good podcast. Although so far all Comcasts have been good podcasts but never mind that.

The whole Guitar Hero/Rockband thing totally went past me. The only music games my family ever owned were the Singstar games for the PS2 and those still see up to this day. 



My first game was either Railroad Tycoon or Super Mario Land on the Gameboy. However the game that totally got me into gaming was Command and Conquer Tiberian Dawn. To this day this game symbolises perfection in my eyes.

dalton32389's picture

as the self proclaimed rhythm game expert of WGG i'd like to clear a few thing up.

1. rock band 3 added 3 cymbals to the 4 pad configuration to make it more realistic. that makes a total of 7 pads and a foot pedal.

2. rock band 3 also added an actual guitar/bass but you have to buy one of two different "pro" controllers. one is a stringed fender guitar and the other is a fender guitar with literally 102 buttons along the neck. you cannot use your own guitar.

3. a game from ubisoft called rocksmith was released in 2011 and can be played with ANY electric guitar or bass. this game is mainly built around teaching you the guitar and bass.

guitar hero on the other hand, while still fun, did not try to innovate at all after the release of world tour in 2008.

@Whiplash first game was probably my cousins copy of either SMB, SMB3 or duck hunt. i can't remember.

darthskeletor's picture

I think that so many more people can approach call of duty and just pick up and play the damn game, which is totally different than rock band. Sadly, Activision surely knows this and won't make any real changes because of it.


My first game was Super Metroid.

disgruntledavians's picture

I really think that there aren't too many lessons to be taken from this failure, for obvious reasons. The rhythm genre is too unique, and the action in the game just too repetitive and uninteresting. Same thing tangentially with Tony Hawk. A lot of falling down and failing to do tricks.

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