Com-cast Ep. 22: Mass Effect 3 Redux... Again


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Mass Effect Redux... Again

Mass Effect 3 Ending Discussion: Whiplash and Brother

  • What are your thoughts on Whiplash's brother's opinion?
  • Is the ending explained away by Shepard being unconscious?
  • Is a "brutal" ending something that breaks the mold and should be welcomed?
  • Where will Mass Effect 4 go? Backwards, forwards, or sideways?
Whiplash's picture

Your mention of the quality of the ending and how shows like The Sopranos and Chuck, and where Mass Effect 3 would go to, there are some games that end either unexpectedly or not comedically (but not as brutal).





Gears of War 2 had it end where Jacinto is destroyed, which was Sera's last beacon of hope for them, yet they came out with Gears 3. Assassin's Creed 3 ended with Desmond dying—or I assume he's dead—and the Mayan prophecy was stopped, yet we're seeing Assassin's Creed 4 (maybe we'll see what time periods Subject 16 was revisiting? One can only wish.) God of War 2. The ending wasn't really happy or brutal (though the fight before the ending was), but more shocking that it ended right there, which is also vaguely similar to Halo 2. Then its sequel God of War 3 ended with Kratos "killing himself" with his own blade, only to have him somehow survive. I would have loved it more if they didn't include that last bit with him miraculously surviving. Kane and Lynch 2 ended so abruptly that it's laughable. It ends with Kane and Lynch entering an airplane that's just ready to take off, and that's where it ended. No epilogue. No nothing. I know this next one is yet another shameless plug-in, but it's an example of a game ending on a sour note (though there is written evidence in game as to why it happened.) Final Fantasy XIII-2. Caius killed himself and, in doing so, killed Etro in the process, which released the Chaos trapped inside the Unseen Realm and into the Living Realm, and thus marked the world for its demise (if you read the back story, you'll understand why Chaos is not good. Sorry, just saying that I really read into this sort of thing in my spare time and know so much about the universe), yet we have Lightning Returns coming soon, which is being set 500 years after the events of the previous game.

Solifluktion's picture

I didn't think the end of Chuck was that bad...mainly because the last season was unbearably bad so I didn't expect much. But I totally see how The Sopranos' ending sucked like the ME3 ending.


For ME4 I kinda expect either a sequel that is set a few thousand years later or a prequel that takes place during the First Contact War because people want to at least have the option to play as a human.

darthskeletor's picture

Nice to see other people on the podcast on a more regular basis! I was disappointed to see Andrew had to leave before the topic at hand; I was really excited to hear about his take on the Mass Effect 3 ending in detail and prospects on the next title in the series.

If we understand that everything was destroyed in Mass Effect and everyone is trapped in the Sol system, as makes sense from what we know, then it could be a much smaller game and I mean MUCH smaller game. Essentially, all the fleets go and set up satellite homeworlds on planets within the vicinity of the solar system because it would take them ages to get back by regular travel, and probably are fighting with what little and diminishing tech they have and BAM some element is introduced that shakes up the entire fragile order that's been created.

disgruntledavians's picture


Would you say that the next one set thousands of years in the future happens by way of darthskeletor's explanation? How does one simply just explain what happened to all of the fleets stranded around Earth?

Solifluktion's picture


If we accept the Extended Cut that wouldn't happen, but if not we still have FTL drives on all ships. Obviously that won't be enough to get back to all the homeworlds but I'm sure there would be other inhabitable planets a few lightyears from earth. If everyone would be forced to stay on earth there wouldn't be any Turians or Quarians in the future....and that would suck.

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This podcast doesn't seem to be up on iTunes for a download?!

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It's been like that since the last podcast, though that one did, eventually, come out on iTunes.

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Apologies guys, unfortunately it seems like feedburner, the service which we use to aggregate our feeds, has been taking several days to update to iTunes. This has been happening with a couple of other podcasts that I subscribe to.

Solifluktion's picture

I'm way to impatient to wait for the podcast to appear on my RSS feed so I've been downloading it manually for the last few episodes.

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