Com-cast Ep. 17: Once Upon a Time...


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Community Callback

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Editorial: Why America's most popular gaming genre likely won't work on Nintendo's new console

Once Upon a Time...

Full Text of Whiplash's Email

  • Do you agree or disagree with Whiplash's presentation of FFXIII and game storytelling?
  • Does Mass Effect in fact include aspects of what he is looking for?
  • Does secondary media add or detract from the game story? What is the right balance?
  • Where does art style fit in? Do Borderlands or Darkness have the story enhanced by the art?

AAA Dinosaurs?

Spreadsheet: New IP vs. Sequels

  • What does the proliferation of sequels mean for the industry?
  • Can a completely new game be totally fostered through Kickstarter?
  • What is marketing for huge games like CoD and Halo even doing at this point?
  • What are some creative avenues for new games and marketing?
darthskeletor's picture

Not quite sure what I can add to that gigantic email, but I do think that I agree with Simon where he points out aspects of storytelling that Whiplash says he finds interesting in video games.

Now as for the other topic, I do think that sequels have potential, sometimes much more so than a single game. Imagine if we had no Halo 2, no Assassin's Creed 2, I'll even go to Simon and Alex's heart and say no Rome 2 Total War. That being said, rampant sequels and just series like CoD and I fear Halo is becoming adds very little.

Solifluktion's picture

I demand a special Episode where John and Whiplash face off against each other.


I agree that if you're in the mood you can interpret anything into any game/movie/book.

On the topic of whole new games through Kickstarter I wanted to mention Project Eternity.

Humphrees's picture

Missed you guys after a couple of weeks and then i get to great podcast at once from WGG! Keep up the work!

disgruntledavians's picture

+1 to Solifluktion's comment. I'd love to see this go down. Probably would be impossible to listen to, just two people trying to talk over each other non stop.

I personally do think that interpretation in books is beyond meaningless, Simon's example, although simple and somewhat contrived, gets the point across pretty well.

Diksickle's picture

As wierd as it is to me, and i like it, but saying my name in the section of the podcast actually puts a big smile on my face. In a strange way i like hearing my name back to me, but yeah really liked the podcast once again, i dont normally comment, mainly i am too busy with work. But i listen to them, i enjoy it, nice addition with john to the podcast. Good Shit! 

Whiplash's picture


You just put a smile on my face :')

Too bad it would require them to pay for Premium Skype in order for that to happen.


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