Com-cast Ep. 16: CoD Creep


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CoD Creep

  • From your experience from Halo: Reach, or to a greater extent, Halo 4, do you feel that elements of CoD have indeed come in significantly?
  • Does any of this negatively (or positively) affect the game experience and feel?
  • Was this a necessary step on the part of Bungie and 343 to keep up with the times?
  • Should they have fought harder to continue Halo's original style?
  • Are any other games subject to CoD creep?

Multiplayer's Mystical Allure

  • What are the factors that make multiplayer fundamentally different from campaign and keep people come back?
  • Does symmetry of a map help or hinder it's popularity?
  • What kind of problems or layouts can make or break a map or gametype?
Solifluktion's picture

XIII is a 2003 FPS with cellshading. Unfortunately the game was anything but succesful even though it was pretty awesome.


Concerning CoD Creep I would nominate Battlefield 3 as an extreme example. In BF3 there are about 700 Billion Weapons and other unlocks when older Battlefields didn't have that problem.

Anyways, great podcast as always, keep 'em coming.

darthskeletor's picture


Do you also think so for the bad company series? Or MoH? I haven't played much of either, I'm wondering if you have and what are your thoughts on those as pertains to CoD creep.

Solifluktion's picture


I haven't played MoH or Bad Company 1 but as for Bad Company 2 I think the CoD Creep was not that strong. There were some unlocks but after about 20 hours playing the MP you could have everything unlocked since it was mostly level or class bound. No "get 1000 headshots with this gun using this perk to get this attachement" or such. I think unlocking items can be great for rewarding a player if it's done well. Give me a new weapon every 5 Levels and throw out attachements, weaponcamo etc and I'm least as long as the last weapon isn't to unbalanced.

disgruntledavians's picture


I agree with solifluktion, it wasn't that bad, but that's because BC2 is from 2010, and so it had less interference at that time. Medal of Honor is pretty average in terms of CoD creep, but it's also just a generally bad game.

John Tarr's picture

Only reason I played XIII was the unique graphics style as well.

Am I the only person that gives a shit about ranked multiplayer? You guys didn't mention that at all during your extensive discussion about what makes a good FPS.

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