Com-cast Ep. 14: Do We Like the Wii U? Do You?


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Theme: It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)​


Community Callback

OnLive defiant: "We have to prove the business"

Do We Like the Wii U? Do You?

Wii U Tech Specs​

Interview: Nintendo Talks eShop Disparity, Miiverse, and Wii U's Online Focus At Launch

I Hate the Wii U Pro Controller

Nintendo targets the living room with Nintendo TVii

Wii U launching with 23 games

Wii U struggles to build buzz

Nintendo's Wii U Already Selling Out Online

  • Are the specs for the Wii U a wash compared with the Xbox and Playstation?
  • Will the Gamepad controller be more like a smartphone or tablet in terms of battery life?
  • Would you be interested or able to play competitive multiplayer on a Gamepad?​
  • Will cross-platform developers constantly go out of their way to create good experiences​ for the Wii U Gamepad?
  • Does the system software, Miiverse, and services like TVii inspire confidence in Nintendo actually making an online commitment now?​
  • ​Are we just at a point where consoles are really far below smartphones in mainstream consciousness?

It's the End of the Consoles as We Know Them

Nvidia GM: Next-gen consoles will be the last

  • Is this the last generation of dedicated console hardware?
  • ​What kind of Internet speeds and service do we need for this to be viable?
  • Does the Sony purchase and Microsoft partnership with cloud gaming services prove its viability?​
John Tarr's picture

RE: Next consoles coming with 2 controllers

Not a chance in hell. The margins on accessories for both the console manufacturer and the retailer are way too big. When consoles first launch, they are sold at a price where the manufacturer is actually losing money on every purchase, and accessories help make up for that loss in a big way. 

Also, I think that was the first Casablanca reference I've ever heard in a videogame podcast. Well done.

darthskeletor's picture

@John Tarr

Then it might just be the special edition consoles. All special edition 360s since the MW2 and FFXIII elites have had two controllers. 

Solifluktion's picture

Great podcast.

I have to admit, comparing upgrading my pc to buying a console doesn't work for everyone as I can only say what I in my situation care about. For me buying a console may be a necessity because of all the console exclusives, otherwise I wouldn't even consider it. So for methe comparison works because I actually like getting "technical" ;-)


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