Com-cast Ep. 13: Fair Dues


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Theme: ​Threnody


Persistently Obtrusive: The Death of Persistent DRM?

  • Does DRM punish legitimate buyers only?​
  • ​Did Ubisoft do the right thing by removing DRM?
  • Is Steam a viable method for PC gaming DRM moving forward?​
  • ​What kind of future methods could we see?

Fair Dues

  • Did Nintendo price the Wii U too high?
  • What should you think the price should be of the next consoles?
  • The next accessories, games, services?​
  • Are the consoles now merely boxes to transmit services?​
darthskeletor's picture

Another great podcast. I think however, that Steam still has too many exploits. If you see many games that have Steam authentication methods, like one of my favorite, Empire: Total War, there are plenty of cracked versions to be found on the internet.

Also, I would like to see two controllers be the new standard for the 720 and PS4, as well as possibly the new 1/2 terabyte drive we see now on the refreshed PS3. It should also have USB 3.0, and if they are really crazy and want to be innovative, maybe even have the top of the console be a wireless charging pad for the controllers!

Solifluktion's picture

Another great podcast.


Yes, DRM punishes the legitimate buyers. It's even more annoying than all those messages you get when watching a dvd or bluray. As a pirate you would just get the movie and no message about how your soul is gonna suffer eternal torture if you pirate the movie.

In my opinion steam is a nice DRM tool. But since I'm kind of a steam-fanboy I guess my opinion on that matter is biased. 

They'll probably force us to wear explosive neckcollars. If they catch us with pirated software they just press the big red button.....

No but seriously, I don't see a way to make DRM more annoying....after all there is only so much they can do. I hope more devs and publishers try to offer more stuff for buyers to encourage them to buy their game. Just like they did with The Wichter 2. Even the normal edition had stuff that would put most collectors editions to shame (at least I think it was the normal edition....).


On to the next subject.

Yes I think Nintendo should make the Wii U cheaper. It's just not "good enough" to justify being so expensive. If I'd use the money to upgrade my PC i would certainly have more fun with it in the end and not only because I really don't like most Nintendo games.

I think the next consoles should come at 200€ complete with 2 sets of controllers, at least 250GB disc space and one game to get people hooked. That might seem a bit cheap but considering the billions they'll make by selling games I guess they can afford to lose money on the console alone.

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