Com-cast Ep. 12: OnLive Dies, Long Live OnLive


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OnLive Dies, Long Live OnLive

Weekend Short-Takes 8/25/12

  • Who would have benefited most from purchasing OnLive?
  • Is OnLive just a concept company waiting for a bigger buyer, or can it stand alone?
  • Was OnLive too ahead of its time to succeed, and are the conditions right for it to succeed today?
  • What next for the company moving forward?

The New Fandom Factor

Halo Reach Forge World ViDoc

Why Mass Effect 3’s Ending Doesn’t Need Changing

BioWare Is Working on a Modified Mass Effect 3 Ending

The Most Important Character in Mass Effect 3 Never Even Showed Up Until After the Credits

  • What is a "good" relationship between the fans and developers?
  • Conversely, what classifies a "poor" relation between the community and devs?
  • Is the collective Internet sometimes too quick to judge/ have feelings sensationalized by sheer mass?
Solifluktion's picture

I really wish I could erase my memories of playing ME3 without the EC-DLC, it would make the whole game seem more complete.

Btw once again a great podcast. I really like how reliable you are in terms of timing.

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