Beatles Covers Review Ep4: Top 5 People that should NEVER cover the Beatles

Episode four of Beatles Covers Review and already, technical difficulties are plaguing the show!(explanation in the video) This is a first for the relatively young show, a top 5! This time it's the Top 5 People Who Should NEVER Cover the Beatles! For any feedback, please contact me at
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Thanks for watching, see you again next week with... Justin Beiber....

John Tarr's picture

All Religion vs. No Religion...that really changes the message.

Also, Jedward, fucking kill me. I assume those guys are a product of a singing competition reality show? I feel that winners from those shows in Europe have much longer lasting careers than US winners. 

The Black Eyed Peas...I can't think of a band that has made a bigger shift in style and popularity after adding a single member. I am embarrassed to admit that I actually liked them at one point in time, pre y2k. I just looked them up on Spotify and nothing before they turned to absolute shit is even listed.

As always, great editing. Have you had any problems with YouTube copyright with all the different  video and audio samples you've been mashing up?

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Weirdly, had no problems yet.

Jedward were the product of the reality show, but they came 4th/5th I think

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